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Wholesale Bedding & Domestics Liquidation

We sell the best wholesale overstock bedding and domestic home goods by the pallet and truckload in Miami, Florida, USA. We carefully source and pick from well known US department stores through their overstock clearance sales, giving you top quality goods and low prices.

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Types of Overstock Bedding & Domestics

Our bedding and domestics liquidation comes from the top retailers in the USA. Here is what you can find in our assorted pallets:

Assorted Overstock Clearance Bedding Pallets

Wholesale Bedding & Domestic Lots are the perfect product for reselling at a discount store, flea market, eBay, Amazon, or eCommerce. These are priced at a flat price per pallet.

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Buy Wholesale Bedding Sheets Assorted in Pallets

Merchandize Liquidator’s overstock warehouse is located in Miami, FL, USA. We work with the largest US retailers and manufacturers to bring you the best assorted wholesale bedding and domestics for resale. Although no two liquidated pallets are the same, they are all very appealing for resellers worldwide.

Best Bedding & Domestics Wholesaler

If you are looking for the absolute best deal in wholesale and closeout bedding costs to offer your customers the most competitive prices, look no further than the inventory that we consistently offer for our clients at Merchandize Liquidators. We work with a variety of major retailers and big-box stores in order to get the best selection and widest variety which we can offer in sizes that range from a tote to a truckload.

Our options available will give you many different quality levels and conditions, which you can price accordingly in order to maximize your reach and variety of inventory. To learn more about the bedding liquidation offerings that we have available, look below and read about some of our sources, and why we can get these lots at such a great cost.

What Is Bedding Liquidation?

What Is Bedding Liquidation?

Bedding liquidation happens when a store ends up with more inventory than they can handle on their own, which happens for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for bedding liquidation sales is that the company either has a new line that is replacing the existing line, or that they had purchased too much stock to begin with and are unable to sell it. Additionally, many stores either decide to close branches, file for bankruptcy, or go out of business entirely, and they will sell all of their remaining products (and in some cases, even the hardware and signage from the store) at very low prices in order to generate some cash.

Ultimately, the term liquidation applies in any situation where a company decides to sell some or all of their inventory at or below cost in order to free up some additional resources, whether it is warehouse space or actual cash flow for the company. Many times, a liquidation sale consists of last year’s discontinued product lines, as well as overstock. You can learn more about these and other ways that we may end up with liquidated bedding, in the section below.

Where Does The Liquidated Bedding Come From?

Where Does The Liquidated Bedding Come From?

Over the past 20 years, we have been developing a strong network of big-box retailers, chains, department stores, and online fulfillment companies and more, in order to create the widest range of opportunities for products to offer our customers at auction. You can learn more below about some of the sources that these products will come from.


Overstock is a general term for any products that a store or the retail chain has purchased from a manufacturer, only to realize that it is not going to sell in the volume that they had initially predicted. In the case of bedding, these soft goods take up a significant amount of space, and this space ultimately means that there is less room available for better selling products or items that are getting more marketing efforts put into them.

Whatever the reason, the company may decide that it is more cost effective to liquidate these items from their inventory, meaning that they sell them in bulk, at or even below cost, in order to open this space for other items. This means that we are able to buy these items in bulk, sometimes on a pallet, and sometimes filling an entire trailer, at incredible prices.

Shelf Pulls and Store Stock

Shelf pulls, as well as store stock, are a form of overstock referring to items that had been previously either been displayed on shelves in a retail store or at least distributed to a retail store from the central storage location. Oftentimes, a shelf pull or store stock will have already been handled and inventoried by the employees according to their policies. This means that they may have price tags or security tags, but there are a variety of conditions that you can expect a shelf pull or store stock item to arrive to you in after you win them at auction:

  • – Seasonal goods that are off-season, such as down comforters in the summer
  • – Discontinued bedding with last years patterns, etc
  • – Items with retail price tags on them
  • – Items with security tags attached
  • – Some wear and tear on packaging such as sun fading from being on a shelf
  • – Packages may be defaced to prevent returns to the original store

As with all liquidation auctions, there is no guarantee for consistency across all of the products in your lot. These types of liquidation auctions often include full manifests of the inventory, and you can expect higher quality in these products, as they were deemed suitable for sale in their current condition. As such, these types of inventories are generally in high demand for our buyers who deal in bedding, because they are predictable in both quality and quantity, and you can expect the auction price to reflect these demands.


closeout sale can happen either by a retail sale of deep discounts (think stores with signs in front advertising 70% off entire store) or may also take the form of a bulk sale to a merchandise liquidation house like our own. In some cases, we may buy the remainder of a store after they have done as much liquidation as possible with their own closeout sale, meaning that oftentimes these offerings may not have completely accurate manifests, and there may be a wide variety of products available with fairly inconsistent inventory counts. These closeouts can be because of a store closing, or an entire chain filing for bankruptcy.

You may have one of a certain item and 20 or more of another, and this variation may take place across the entire lot. Depending on the size of the store, the success of their retail closeout sales, and more, these lots can range in sizes from a single tote to multiple truckloads. As usual, we make sure to offer our customers a range of options for the size of the lots they are bidding on so that each of our valued customers is able to bid based on their own business model and capacity.

Customer Returns

Many bedding products are the result of customer returns. That does not, however mean that the products are used, defective, or damaged. Many people return bedding items because they bought the wrong size, the color isn’t as good of a match as they thought it would be, or they’ve had a change of heart. As with many other products that we distribute, bedding items are generally the result of in-store or online returns.

In-Store Returns

As with most items, there is a greater chance of an in-store bedding product being defective. That’s because the customer can see and feel the quality of a sheet or pillow, for instance, before they buy it. That means that, in most cases, they brought it home and realized that there was something wrong with the product.

Online Returns

Most online retailers have liberal return policies, meaning that a significant portion of their customer base are people ordering to see the products first hand and then deciding whether or not they want to keep them. Naturally, the return of non-defective items is much higher.

Types of Bedding

Types of Overstock Bedding in Our Pallets

There are many different types of bedding, and it is important to know the differences before you buy a large lot of these different options. Take a look below at the major types of bedding that you may come across in our bedding liquidation auctions.


A sheet is a flat sheet that is commonly used in the United States as the bottom layer that separates the sleeper from the comforter or insulation blanket. Many European countries do not use flat sheets at all, and instead, use a duvet cover in order to protect the comforter or duvet from getting too dirty.

Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is equipped with an elastic band around the bottom and covers the mattress. Fitted sheets, like flat sheets, come in a variety of sizes depending on the width of the mattress, depth of the mattress, and more. Because of the specific cut of these sheets, it is very difficult or even impossible to use the wrong size on a mattress.


A blanket is usually made from cotton, wool, or other insulating fibers, and is intended to create an additional layer of insulation in the bed. Often, a blanket will either be in between the flat sheet and comforter or duvet or may be folded at the foot of the bed and laid on top of the comforter only when needed.


A duvet is very similar to a comforter and is the top layer of insulation on a bed. Duvets, unlike comforters, require a cover, and so they typically do not have patterns on them. They are often filled with down or synthetic fibers.

Duvet Cover

Duvets require covers in order to keep them safe and clean. Duvet covers can be purchased in packs that come with sheets and pillowcases to make a complete, cohesive set, or can be purchased separately. In some cases, a duvet cover may come with decorative pillows, or covers for decorative pillows, in order to have a matching set for the outermost layer of the bed.


A comforter and duvet both insulate the bed, but a comforter does not require a cover. In many cases, they are made of soft cotton or other material that is pleasant to the skin.


There are many different types of pillows available for a bed, depending on the amount of decoration that the sleeper enjoys. Pillows are often filled with down, foam, or other synthetic materials depending on their use and the sleeper’s preferences.

Sleeping Pillows

Pillows designed for sleep are often lofty and supportive and can be designed in a variety of ways intended to assist side-sleepers or back-sleepers with their optimal night’s rest.

Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are often not very comfortable, as they are intended to simply go on top of the sleeping pillows in order to offer a nice pallet and cohesive style along with the comforter or duvet cover.

Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows are another type of decorative pillow, and can often come in non-standard shapes or sizes intended to add layers and textures to the bedding.


A throw is a small blanket that generally sits at the foot of the bed, and is used to go over all of the other blankets and sheets when the sleeper needs some additional insulation.

Bed Skirt

A bed skirt generally goes between the box spring and the mattress, and hangs down over the bed legs and keeps from seeing what is under the bed. This is a nice aesthetic touch and can make a room look a lot less cluttered if there is under-bed storage in use.

Varieties of Bedding In Our Auctions

Varieties of Bedding In Our Auctions

There is a wide range of types of bedding available in our auctions, and they may or not be specified depending on the sources of the auction lots. The variety, or uncertainty of the contents, will be addressed on our website below each lot that is available for sale or auction. Pricing often reflects the different possibilities of the lot coming with a full manifest or a lack of any organization and inventory at all, and it is important that you understand these varieties before purchasing.

Depending on the types of sales you manage, the way your store operates, and the options that your customers are looking for, bedding liquidation auctions can be a very lucrative option. Take a look at the different options that we have available at the moment, and continue to check back constantly so that you never miss the best auctions for all of your bedding needs.

If you are interested in purchasing bedding liquidation items through Merchandize Liquidators, contact us today to become one of our valued partners, We have a variety of payment options available, which we discuss in greater detail here.

Buying domestic & bedding liquidation from us is simple, and we work to offer a variety of different purchasing options, both online and in-person. It is important that you speak with us regarding the different shipping and delivery choices you will have to make, to ensure that you get your items in the time that you require them.

We understand that the world of merchandise liquidation can be confusing, especially to newcomers so we will be happy to speak one-on-one with you to walk you through the process and explain in greater detail how our process works. It is important to us that all of our partners have an excellent experience when buying at our auctions, whether they are spending $200 or $200,000, and your experience with our team will be no different. We look forward to working with you!

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