Wholesale Bedding Liquidation

Wholesale bedding and domestic home goods liquidation is from major retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond. These retailers give wholesale bedding many types of subcategories such as: comforter sets, quilts, towels & bath accessories, mattress toppers, blankets, throws, curtains, drapes, and pillows.

Reselling Bedding

Bedding pallets are the perfect for reselling at a discount store, flea market, eBay, Amazon, or eCommerce. Normally, these pallets are sold by the pallet or truckload and are priced at a flat price per pallet. Sometimes, these pallets are scanned and itemized into the Bin Store General Merchandise Loads. Either way, we work with the largest US retailers and manufacturers to bring you the best assorted wholesale bedding and domestics for resale. 

Closeout Bedding

Closeout bedding is beyond offering your customers the most competitive prices, it’s also about offering the cleanest loads on the market. When we buy closeouts, we work with a variety of major retailers and big-box stores. This gets you the best selection and widest variety at the lowest price.

Bed Bath and Beyond Pallets FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Bed bath and beyond pallets liquidation happens when they:

  1. Overorder – Usually a bed bath and beyond pallet liquidation sale consists of last year’s overstock. Mainly, this is due to overordering or predicting sales higher for certain products than what actually sold.
  2. Change seasons or update products – Changing of seasons or updated product is when company either has a new line that is replacing the existing line or that they had purchased too much stock to begin with and are unable to sell it.
  3. Handle customer returns – Bed bath and beyond has a great customer service program. So, they handle a lot of returns and put them in pallets for liquidation sale.
  4. Store closures – Sometimes, a store closes due to low volume or bad sales. The company then closes the branch and they will selsl all of their remaining products at very low prices in order to generate some cash. 

Over the past 20 years, we have been developing a strong network of big-box retailers, chains, department stores, and online fulfillment companies. You can learn more below about some of the sources that these products will come from.

Overstock Bedding

Overstock bedding is a general term for any products that a store or the retail chain has purchased from a manufacturer, only to realize that it is not going to sell in the volume that they had initially predicted. In the case of bed bath and beyond pallets, these soft goods take up a significant amount of space. This leads to less room available for better selling products or items that are getting more marketing efforts put into them. The company then decides to liquidate these items from their inventory. Meaning, they sell them in bulk at or even below cost. This means we buy the entire trailer at incredible prices below wholesale cost.

Bed Bath and Beyond Shelf Pulls

Bed Bath and Beyond Shelf Pulls are a form of overstock referring to items that had been previously either been displayed on shelves in a retail store. This means the inventory has previously been handled and inventoried by the employees according to their policies. So, many of the items have price tags or security tags. Here are a few of the types of bed & bath shelf pulls:

  •  Seasonal goods that are off-season, such as down comforters in the summer
  • – Discontinued bedding with last years patterns, etc
  • – Items with retail price tags on them
  • – Items with security tags attached
  • – Some wear and tear on packaging such as sun fading from being on a shelf
  • – Packages may be defaced to prevent returns to the original store

As with all liquidation pallets, there is no guarantee for consistency across all of the products in your lot. These types of liquidation pallets often include full manifests of the inventory. Additionally, you can expect higher quality in these products. As such, these types of inventories are generally in high demand for our buyers who deal in bedding, because they are predictable in both quality and quantity.

Closeout Bedding Pallets

Closeout bedding pallets are sold based on retail value but at deep discounts (think stores with signs in front advertising 70% off entire store). They also take the form of a bulk sale to a merchandise liquidation warehouse. In some cases, we buy the remainder of a store after a large sale or due to bankruptcy. Depending on the size of the store, these lots can range in sizes from a single pallet to multiple truckloads. 

Bed Bath and Beyond Pallets Returns

Just because bed bath and beyond pallets returns are from customers does not mean that the products are used, defective, or damaged. Many times, customers buy the wrong size, hate the color, or have buyer’s remorse. 

Dot Com Returns

Most online retailers have liberal return policies, meaning that a significant portion of Amazon liquidation are dot com returns. Naturally, the return of non-defective items is much higher since the volume is so much more.

There are many different types of wholesale bedding, and it is important to know the differences before you buy a large lot of these different options. Take a look below at the major types of bedding that you may come across in our bedding liquidation auctions.

Walmart Clearance Bedding

Walmart clearance bedding comes from the sale “rack” or clearance shelf within store. After a large blowout sale, the remaining, unused inventory goes into liquidation.

Wholesale Bedding Sets

Wholesale bedding sets include flat sheets. Flat sheets are commonly used as the bottom layer that separates the sleeper from the comforter or insulation blanket. Many European countries do not use flat sheets at all. Instead, they use a duvet cover in order to protect the comforter or duvet from getting too dirty.

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