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Window coverings are more than form and function, they say something about who you are. With a stylish assorted mix of wholesale window treatments sold by the pallet, you can give your customers everything they need to decorate their windows for their household. We carry the best brand names from the top National Department Stores. A few brands we have assorted in our window treatment pallets are Liz Claiborne, Regal Home, Bali, Maxx Blackout, Archaeo, Chf, Elrene, Eclipse, Disney, Sun Zero, Cambridge Home, No 918, Frank and Lulu, Izod, Madison Park, Mizone, Home Expressions, Mossy Oak, and Sunsmart. A few common window treatments are curtains, drapes, valances, window scarves, blackout curtains, sheer curtains, and special light filtering curtains. We also carry Towels & Bath Accessories pallets

Best Bulk Curtain Wholesaler in USA

Want to hear an interesting fact? In 2018, the global market size for window covering was approximately $27.6 Billion dollars. If you look around your house, take a note how many windows you see. For every window you see, you should see $$. Start small with a pallet or two or buy an entire truckload. Here at Merchandize Liquidators, we help business owners’ profit from liquidation. 

3 Top Tips to Sell More Curtains & Drapes

The window treatments market is a competitive place. When you have liquidation curtains and drapes, it can seem daunting and next steps can be confusing. Here are some helpful tips to move your inventory and get that green $$

Evaluate the Market

Take some time, take a deep breath, and visualize how you would buy curtains & drapes. Where would you drive? What would you look up online? By visualizing the retail sales channels and how you would use them, you can know better where you want to set up shop and how you want to advertise.


Advertising can be a large investment… but there are cheap ways to do it if you are savvy enough. Social media is always a cheap way to advertise. Create a page, create exciting and beautiful content and make sure to link your store! (That last part is very important) Other ways to advertise is try raising money for your church or school. By helping to give to others, you can also broadcast your brand to new customers.

Stay Organized

Running a business is not easy! You’re always hustling and closing deals left and right. But what happens if you lose customer paperwork? Or an incoming supplier shipment document gets lost and the truck driver won’t drop off? These are important organizational tasks that you need to master so you don’t make silly mistakes that can cost you severely.

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