Wholesale Bikes Pallets

Buy in bulk and save on wholesale bikes. We source our bulk bicycles from USA National Retailers. There are many ways to buy lots of bicycles. For example, buy through bike lot auction or buy bike pallets directly from us. Either way, you will buy bicycles cheap and resell for much more. 

Resell Wholesale Bikes Parts

The most profitable category of wholesale reselling are bicycle and bike parts. Because bikes have many parts, selling off the parts are extremely profitable. While some resellers opt to sell small and cheap items like make-up and tee shirts, bicycle resellers focus on large, high value products. If you don’t buy overstock, then sometimes liquidation bicycles are too damaged. If that’s the case, taking it apart and selling the parts can net you more money overtime! Reselling bikes can be challenging, but buy from the right source at a cheap price and you will be okay.

Buy Overstock Bikes Cheap

Overstock bikes are perfect for reselling but only if you buy them cheap. This is because reselling overstock is straight forward. Meaning, bicycle liquidation is made of easily identified models and part numbers. Looking up the bike pallet yields many internet hits and repricing is a breeze.

Bikes Wholesale FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about wholesale bikes and bike parts

Bikes wholesale is when bicycles are sold in bulk either through lots or in pallets. Many times, big-box retailers change their displays because they’re getting in new products. To get rid of the out-of-season bikes, they sell to bike liquidators. These wholesale bikes are then sold to resellers. This type of liquidation is unique because you can specialize and sell both online and physically.

Buying bulk bicycles is great for a resale business. So, why should you buy bicycles? Because, bicycles are popular and easy to sell. In fact, there are many benefits to buying bulk liquidation bicycles. Here are some of those benefits:

Wholesale Bicycles High Resale Value

When you shop for wholesale bicycles you’ll notice high resale value on the price sticker from the store. This retail price tag is what makes bicycles a great choice for resellers. Even though a bikes pallet is cheap, the resale value each individual bike sells for a high price.

A Profitable Niche Market – Bike Parts

Selling bike parts in a profitable niche market is one of the best ways to make your marketing efforts pay off. There are tons of resellers on online platforms and in stores, however there aren’t many who specialize in bicycles. If you specialize and only sell wholesale bike parts, your customers will view you as an expert. Then, they are more likely to turn to you for all of their bicycle purchasing. 

Reselling Bicycles with Ease

With the rapid growth of online platforms, almost anyone can become a successful bikes reseller. Bike information including model and price are readily available with a quick google search. Because bikes are easy to resell, there’s less available wholesale bike inventory. Therefore, focusing on bike liquidators like Merchandize Liquidators becomes key.

Bike Shop Supplies Wholesale

If you already have a bike shop, seek out bicycle wholesale for your supplies. Meaning, there are many types of parts you need for repairs. One of the biggest challenges to bike repair is getting cheap parts. However, bicycle liquidation simplifies the process. Instead of searching distributors, buy a bike lots pallet with the bike parts you need. Just make sure your parts are in good condition and start repairing for a cheaper cost.

Even if you’re new to liquidation, starting a bicycle reseller business can be challenging. Follow these tips and start a great bike resale business:

Apply for a Resale Certificate

Want to save in taxes? You need to apply for a resale certificate to buy wholesale products without paying tax. But how is this possible? Easy, by reselling your products to an end consumer, any inventory bought is non-taxable.

Buy from Bike Liquidators

If you sell broken or damaged bicycles to your customers, they won’t be happy. Therefore, it’s important that you buy your wholesale bicycles from a trustworthy bike liquidator. Before buying from bike liquidators, do your research. Find out how long they have been in business and what their customers have to say about them. If you have any doubts or concerns, you can always call or visit them.

Liquidation Reselling Channels

It’s crucial that you don’t rush into your business. So, if you’re new to reselling, you need to come up with a plan and choose the right selling channels. This can mean creating an online store, building a store, or selling at the flea market.


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