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Best Business Management Tools

best Business Management Tools

Managing the nitty gritty of business operations can be difficult and tiresome! The core of any business is cash! A great lesson to learn early is Inventory=Cash! If you run out of cash, then your business is over. Simply put, there are two main business operations that you must manage effectively and efficiently:

#1 Inventory Management

#2 Cash Management

In order to manage your inventory and cash properly, we recommend a few software programs to help keep your business under control without spending thousands of dollars!

#1 Inventory Control

The #1 Rule in running a business is Inventory = Cash! What does that mean and why is it important? If you lose inventory or can’t keep track and manage it because you lack proper software, you will negatively impact your business. We recommend using SkuVault Inventory Management! Here are most of these common inventory problems and how SkuVault can help:

Avoid Out-of-Stock Items

Nothing is worse than making a sale, accepting payment, then going to ship your product only to find out that you are out of stock! Not only do you upset your customer, but you also lose out on the cash! SkuVault keeps your inventory data safe in one, central location while communicating real-time with all your sales channels including online marketplaces and retail point-of-sales systems. Never oversell again!

Avoid Overstock Problems

If cash is king, then spending your hard-earned money on too much inventory can put you in serious trouble! But how can you get in trouble if you have too much inventory? By spending too much cash on inventory (even if it’s for great inventory at awesome prices) you won’t have much cash leftover to run the rest of your business and pay your monthly expenses! This can put you in a tough position and force you to have a sale on your inventory by deeply discounting your merchandise and killing your profits! Overstock is a vicious cycle!

Better Manage Your Cash

Cash, cash, cash! We talk about it a lot! Lol! That’s because you need cash to keep your business alive! No matter how good your sales are – if you keep too much inventory in stock or make bad purchases – if you can’t keep track of it all, then you’ll lose money and hurt your bottom line! A great inventory system helps you keep track of it all! When compared to other inventory management solutions, SkuVault is inexpensive, which helps save your cash, and it’s easy to use with a user-friendly design, which means you’ll spend less time learning how to effectively manage your inventory!

Make Smarter Inventory Decisions

There is an old saying: Work Smarter Not Harder! As a business owner, you will always work hard, without a doubt. If you also work smarter, you’ll be surprised how much time you save and the errors you avoid. Your efficiency depends on the systems you rely on to make life easier to manage. SkuVault automates your operations, improving speed & accuracy while saving you money. In addition, you can track your inventory by supplier, compare how much it sold for, and decide where you can make more money!

Best Inventory Management

We 100% recommend SkuVault for your inventory system. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, has knowledgeable and friendly support and fully integrates with eCommerce, accounting, and point-of-sale systems.

#2 Cash Control

Some people love accounting, but most hate it! Either way, if you want to grow your business and effectively run your business, you need a good accounting system.

Simple Accounting System

We found QuickBooks is the easiest, most inexpensive, and extremely popular accounting system available. QuickBooks is a trusted name that has been around for a long time. They have a large support system both through their customer support as well as a ton of information available online through different forums. The best part about choosing to use SkuVault and QuickBooks is they fully integrate with one another! We offer a special discount for new QuickBooks users if you sign up today!

Retail Cash Management

Do you have a retail or online store? Part of controlling your cashflow is having a great Point-of-Sale System, also called a POS System. Online Sellers, Discount Store, Bin Store, and Flea Markets all benefit from having a powerful POS solution to help checkout their customers.

Easy Retail POS System

Did you know that a POS System also helps with inventory and accounting? If you use the VendHQ with QuickBooks and SkuVault, then all your business systems integrate with each other and automate your operations! Now you won’t get a huge headache with keeping track of everything! Vend helps you with a quick and easy to use interface that can be used by anyone to help run the checkout for your store.

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