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Where to Buy in Bulk for Resale?

Merchandize Liquidators is the best wholesaler of pallets of merchandise! But we are not the only game in town! We are a leading liquidation company in the US, but we are not the only company for wholesale liquidation. Maybe you are located on the West Coast and would like to find a liquidator closer to you. Or maybe you’re looking for a specific category or type of closeout that we don’t carry. If that’s the case, here are some of our recommendations for other sources of liquidation merchandise.

Helpful Seller Tool

When it comes to liquidated merchandise, no matter what outlet you decide to sell in, it’s important to analyze your purchases. Helium10 is a software company that has powerful business management tools that are used by businesses to evaluate their products before they buy them. One of their tools, X-Ray, allows you to scan barcodes and see the Amazon listings along with sales ranking and previous price trends. >>>Try Helium10 Free<<<

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Best Liquidation Sites

Looking online and researching your supplier is one of the most important parts of running your business. If you do a quick google search, you will find a million companies trying to sell you something. If you read some of the articles comparing them, you might notice that the company writing it is affiliated with the recommendation! Below, you will find our recommendations for other sources of liquidation. We do not own these companies so try searching through these sources and you might find something right for you.

Smart Lot is a leader in the wholesale liquidation of consumer goods. This company sells a lot of general merchandise, health & beauty, grocery, and much more. They have locations all over the USA in case you need merchandise right away with little shipping cost.

>>>Visit SmartLots<<<

Top Ten Wholesale is an effective website that connects buyers with sellers. They have millions of online resellers, retailers, and flea market sellers as registered buyers who use the platform to source from thousands of wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers selling closeouts and liquidation merchandise.

>>>Visit TopTenWholesale<<<

Just like Top10, Closeout Central is a useful sourcing platform that connects resellers to thousands of reputable wholesalers who specialize in offering inexpensive closeout merchandise in bulk. They have millions of products available across thousands of categories. If you can’t find what you want using Top Ten Wholesale and Closeout Central then it does not exist!

>>>Visit CloseoutCentral<<<

Most Trusted Wholesale Liquidator in Florida

Of course, Merchandize Liquidators is always a safe bet! If you are in or near Miami, Florida, come visit our large wholesale warehouse and find a pallet of merchandise that is right for you! Send us your questions by filling out this contact form >>>HERE<<<

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