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Sell at Flea Markets

Sell at Flea Markets

Flea Markets generally get a bad name, mainly because a market full of fleas sounds horrible! The upside is that Flea Markets give people freedom of selling discount merchandise with very minimal startup costs while providing their sellers with a large volume of foot traffic. If you are looking to start a business but don’t have a lot of capital to do so, starting as a Flea Market Seller is a great option. According to American Merchandiser, most Flea Markets see between 1,000 to 5,000 shoppers visit their markets daily! The advantage of selling at a Flea Market is that the owner of the market does the hard work of marketing for you! The strain of paying a lot of rent or having a ton of overhead disappears when you decide to sell at a Flea Market since the owner bears that responsibility for you!

What is a Flea Market?

A Flea Market is as old as time and can also be called Swap Meets, Bazaars, and even “Trash and Treasure Markets.” Most of the time, Flea Market Sellers rent a stall or small space from the owner and set up their store alongside a variety of other discount sellers who sell everything from rugs to perfume. Flea Market Sellers are the ultimate side-hustle, often working normal working weeks and selling during the weekends at the Flea Market. The Flea Market Owner is responsible for the event and does a large amount of advertising to drive traffic there.

Best Selling Flea Market Items

Liquidation merchandise is the best item for Flea Market Sellers. When you sell at a Flea Market, your stall can change every weekend. If you buy a pallet of general merchandise, you don’t spend that much so fill your stall and your risk is minimized. Take your time. Find a great wholesale liquidator and buy one pallet at a time. Try different categories and see what works for you.

Top Flea Market Selling Tips

Becoming a Flea Market Seller is the cheapest way to get your business started! Here are some great tips to make you a successful Flea Market Seller!

Choose Your Location Wisely

The most important tip for a new Flea Market Seller is to scope out several different Flea Markets and choose the one with vendors who sell merchandise like yours along with high foot traffic. There is nothing worse than signing up for a booth, setting up, spending the time and energy on a weekend… only to have no one show up! Make sure you choose a high foot traffic flea market!

Be Outgoing and Friendly

When you sell at the flea market, you must separate yourself from your competition by being front and center at the booth. As customers pass by, be sure to wave to them and say hello. When customers visit your booth and look at your products, smile, and welcome all questions they have. Be prepared to haggle!… with a SMILE!

Find Great Merchandise

What are you going to fill your Flea Market Booth with? Collectible cards, restored electronics, clothing are one of many options available to you when you sell at the Flea Market. We recommend finding a cheap source of inventory like your local liquidator. If you’re in Miami, FL come visit us and we can show you discounted merchandise like toys, bikes, and shoes!

Make Checkouts Simple

Cash is king! But if you want to increase your Flea Market Sales, you need to take credit and debit cards too! There are many ways to offer this service to your customers like using Vend Payments. Simple, quick, affordable checkouts – those are the key differences between being an average Flea Market Seller and being a GREAT ONE!