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How to Start a Liquidation Business

Starting a Liquidation Business

Merchandize Liquidators has been a leader in the liquidation business for nearly 20 years. Many times, new customers will ask us about how to make money with liquidation. We want 100% success for our partners, so we share our insights with an easy to follow guide. If you are interested in creating a new business using liquidated merchandise or would like additional ideas on additional revenue streams for yourself, your family, or your business, please keep on reading!

Step by Step Guide to Building a Business

You are finally ready to start a new business and add extra income! Getting started can be tough, especially for liquidation. Take a few moments to breath, then get excited because here is a step by step guide to getting started in the liquidation business:

Step 1: Choosing a Business Model

What type of liquidation business you want to start? Do you think you’ll be more successful opening a store? Maybe haggling at the local flea market? Or are you very good with computers and prefer selling online?

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Step 2: Get a Resale Certificate

Time to become official! Having an idea for a new business is the first step but doing the boring paperwork so you can open your business is very important! We go over in detail for the state of Florida what you need to do so you can file the correct paperwork to get going on starting your business!

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Step 3: Funding Your Business

Do you have money to start a business? You can try saving up money, borrowing from family and friends, or taking out loans through the bank. We review the numerous ways to fund your new inventory, build a store, or buy technology to run your business.

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Step 4: Managing Your Business

How do you keep track of your inventory and expenses? Now that you filed official business paperwork, you’ll have to pay taxes!!! Managing your business by using helpful and easy to use software can save you a lot of headaches later down the road.

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Step 5: Buying Inventory

Now that you have everything in place to start your business, you need inventory! Buy from a trusted source! Of course, we will always recommend that you buy from us! But are there other options?

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Step 6: Sell!

Now the good part! Sell! Sell! Sell! Once you sell it all, buy more inventory, rinse, repeat!

Need Help?

Call us today and our Sales Team with years of experience can help guide you through the liquidation process and answer any questions you have.

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