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Sell on eBay & Walmart Marketplaces

Sell on eBay & Walmart Marketplaces

According to Forbes, Walmart is projected to sell around $38 Billion online in 2020! What an insane number! In addition, last year eBay sold over $10.8 Billion in sales. Together, both Walmart and eBay are selling nearly $50 Billion Per Year!!! The old saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them!” In order to succeed as an online seller, you must list your products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Best eCommerce Solution

Many new business owners will want to have the “best” of everything, whether it’s technology or websites or staff. They want the shiniest website with all the bells and whistles or the best accountant to keep their books like a Fortune 500 company. Here’s the truth: The “best” advice we ever heard is to simplify the process and get started selling quickly. We found the cheapest, easiest way to start selling online by using SellerActive to automate, optimize, and expand your e-commerce business.


Simply put, SellerActive takes all your selling channels, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and your Website, and manages them all from the same online platform. If you need to adjust pricing on an item, then it will communicate with all your other sales channels all at the same time. That way, you’re not going into every log-in, tediously adjusting pricing one by one! Also, it fully integrates with SkuVault to help manage your inventory. With the two programs working together, you keep your inventory count in one central location, so you don’t accidentally oversell your products and go out-of-stock!

Bulk List Products Quickly

Imagine if you had 1,000 products and you needed to list them on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and your own website. Each marketplace also has its own listing requirements… How long would it take you to list these products? SellerActive can make you 400% more productive and cut the time it takes for you to list your products for sale with their bulk listing capabilities! They work with all the marketplaces and gather the requirements for listing on your behalf, then centralize them in one easy-to-use platform so you only list a product once! If time is money, then using bulk listing saves you money.

Automate Pricing

If you’ve ever looked at Amazon prices, you’ll notice that the pricing is always changing. If the price is always changing, how do you know where the market is trending and how to compare pricing with other resellers, 24/7, 365? When would you find time to sleep? SellerActive and their intelligent repricing tool works around the clock by analyzing competitor pricing, comparing it against minimums in your cost of goods (COG) and shipping, and adjusts your marketplace pricing across all platforms – all while you sleep comfortably in your bed!

Powerful Integrations

Is there one program that can handle your online business? Imagine a wonderful, beautiful program that handles shipping, selling, accounting, inventory management, and customer service. Can you imagine how wonderful this all-in-one program would be? Now take that image and remember it – tuck it away into the deepest parts of your mind and never think of it again because an all-in-one program does not exist! Unfortunately, you’ll need several different programs made by different companies who specialize in each of your business needs and here is our recommended “tech stack”:

What you need is all these independent systems to “talk” to one another – this is also known as an integration. Luckily, SellerActive integrates with each of these software solutions and compliments this “tech stack” with ease and helps create the best all-in-one solution for your eCommerce business.

Smarter Data Analysis

Failures are a way of life and a large part of the business. The most important part of failing is to recognize it quickly and change your course of action! SellerActive aggregates your selling data in one place, making it easy to see how your sales are doing, which products make money, and which ones are failures. The best part is this data is real-time, giving you the fastest response to the market and catch your mistakes before they become huge problems!