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Bulk returns pallets are the best liquidation products you can buy. These pallets are bought through direct contracts with retailers. Usually, buying liquidation direct from source means having a reverse logistics contract. Reverse logistics has different meanings, but in this case it means recommerce

Overstock Warehouse

Do a quick search for available warehouse space near you and you’ll see an overstock warehouse or two. Since 2018, commercial warehouse properties have been scarce or expensive. Instead, start a new business bulk merchandise bought from an overstock warehouse like Merchandize Liquidators. Check local liquidation warehouses like ours and see the different categories available for purchase. There are many options to choose from.

Bulk Wholesale

There are many types of bulk wholesale. From clothing to supplies, when you buy wholesale pallets, you are saving money.

Bulk Clothing

Clothing bought in bulk is also known as wholesale clothing. Normally, this type of clothing is sold by the pallet to resellers who own thrift stores. Clothing pallets are great for their variety and cheap cost.

Bulk Wholesale Merchandise

Liquidation merchandise sells through wholesale warehouses. In other words, the best liquidation merchandise is large volume. That means, the normal warehouse size when buying returns direct is anywhere between 100,000 square feet and 300,000 square feet. Liquidation is very capital intensive and requires major commitment of resources.

Mystery Return Box 

A mystery return box is just that, a mystery! Sometimes, clearly defined categories and detailed manifests are not always the best choice when it comes to liquidation. It’s widely accepted that an itemized manifest is nice if you are a broker or if you run a lot of data analysis. But, a good rule of thumb is the more data, the lower the margin. 

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