Wholesale Winter Coat Clothing

If you a locally cold climate, try selling winter coat clothing. You might be wondering, is selling wholesale coats and jackets the right move for your business? If you have only sold general merchandise or cosmetics, it can be a hard decision to start selling clothing. A good way to get into the apparel reselling business is to try seasonal clothing. When the season changes from summer to fall to winter, the temperatures drop significantly, and people need cold-weather clothing like coats and jackets in order to survive.

Winter Clothing Truckload

Want to get your business ready for winter? Many of our customers buy our winter coats & jackets pallets a few months before the start of cold seasons so they give themselves plenty of time to receive the merchandise, price it, and display it in case they have a retail store. Our customers have been buying from us for a long time, so they normally prepare for the season by buying a truckload of merchandise. In addition, we have winter accessories to help upsell your customer. They save money in shipping and make sure they don’t run out of inventory while they’re in the middle of the selling season.

Heavy Coat Pallet

There are many types of men’s and women’s coats and jackets made for cold weather found in our Heavy Jackets & Coats Pallets. There are fluffy jackets, fur coats, puffer coats, thick raincoats, plus size coats, and many more. These jackets and coats come in many different styles, colors, and sizes.

Bulk Winter Clothing

Are you ready to get started in selling Heavy Coats and Jackets? The world-wide winter clothing market in 2019 is around $280,000,000,000 USD! (That is a lot of zeroes!!!) Reading that number a few times will make you consider trying out winter wear as a new business. Why not try selling cold season apparel this year by buying a pallet of heavy jackets and coats from us? Merchandize Liquidators is one of the largest coats and jacket wholesalers in the USA. Come visit us and select a pallet that fits for your needs.

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