Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

Our wholesale plus size is mixed seasons including Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. This assortment is approximately 95% women’s clothing and 5% men’s clothing from USA Department Stores. Our sorting process is made from years of experience and we bring value to every purchase. 

Bulk Plus Size Clothing

Our wholesale clothing are shelf-pull overstock goods. We have exclusive agreements with the best USA department stores to help liquidate their merchandise at the fraction of the cost normal suppliers can sell to you. We pass those savings to you! Trust your source and come to our wholesale warehouse in America. 

Surplus Clothing Supplier

Our assorted plus size mix contains everything you would find in the best USA retail store including tank tops, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, dress clothes, dress shirts, cardigans, workwear, slacks, jeans, chinos, capris, jeggings, activewear, maternity, sleepwear, loungewear, overalls, sweaters, blazers, suits, jackets, and many more. Our wholesale plus size clothing is brand-new, tagged, merchandise from USA Department Stores. We sell the USA name-brands at liquidation prices. This bulk clothing is perfect for resale. Read more to find out.

Resale Wholesale Clothing

Our merchandise can be resold through a discount store, flea market stall, and eCommerce. For clothing bought in bulk, we recommend reselling through flea markets to start out. Because flea markets are easy to startup, they make the best testing ground for new merchandise. It’s then easy to scale up into a discount store or online store. The main reason is that the clothing industry is far from saturated. Although there are many retailers already selling apparel, there’s still room for other individuals to start businesses and make a profit in the industry. The industry is projected for explosive growth with 2021 projections at $635 billion worldwide.

To become a part of the growing industry, you don’t need to open a large store and have millions of dollars ready to buy inventory. In fact, there is an easy and affordable way to get clothing for your store. If you buy a department store plus-size clothing pallet, you can get access to inventory that won’t bust your budget. There are many ways in which plus-size clothing can be a lucrative market. Merchandizer Liquidators can introduce you to the benefits of buying and selling plus-sized pallets from department stores. Lots from department stores can feature many different products. At times, you can buy pallets or lots that have many unique items. However, you can also buy lots that are more specific. Plus-size clothing pallets give you an assortment of plus-sized clothing. By selling this product, you can simplify your marketing. You won’t have a broad audience, and you can have a highly targeted marketing campaign. With it, you can get paying customers to your website. The ones that are directed to your store are more likely to have an interest in your clothes and more likely to make a purchase.

Another benefit of choosing plus-size clothing is the demand. Although there are many general clothing retailers in the market, only a handful of them are dedicated to selling clothes to plus-sized individuals. You don’t have to deal with too much competition or others trying to push you out of the industry. There’s another reason selling plus-size clothing could make your business more successful. When it comes to shipping, some items are more difficult than others. Shipping a bicycle is much harder and more time consuming that shipping a t-shirt. Generally, clothing is easy to ship. You don’t have the stress of needing to pack a box tightly. In fact, you may not need a box at all. The shipping tends to be affordable and requires minimal effort.

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