Mystery Box

Recently, a new trend called mystery boxes appeared on eBay and Amazon. Mostly sorted by category, a mystery box contains an unknown collection of goods of a resellers overstock. The most popular categories are cosmetics, electronics, and toys. Luckily, liquidation cosmetics are mostly overstock makeup liquidations. Sometimes, they have retail stickers or slight shelf wear, but the contents are usually pristine and ready for resale.

Name Brand Wholesale Cosmetics

Because of the recent box phenomenon, our makeup boxes contain name brands such as: Maybelline, L’Oréal, COVERGIRL, Almay, Revlon, City Color, L.A. Colors, NYX, Rimmel, L.A. Girl, and Sally Hansen. Since these are common drugstore brands with mass appeal, they make for great mystery box items. One cosmetics niche you should consider is the brand Maybelline. For one, Maybelline is in a growing sector of retail. It is projected that the cosmetic product market will approach $63 billion in 2024. Start selling cosmetic products and join a thriving industry.

eBay Mystery Boxes

eBay’s main benefit is the ease of marketing. In addition to the marketing strength of eBay, name brands like Maybelline and Sally Hansen also have strong audiences. Finding your audience and appealing to them is simple, and this makes your marketing efforts easier. Also, another reason to resell cosmetics is the size. When you have large inventory items, selling them requires storage space and complicated shipping methods. But cosmetic is small and takes up almost no space. You could store them in a small area and shipping makeup is easy.

Closeout Cosmetics

The beauty industry is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The industry itself is worth over $445 billion. Many people market their beauty products on social media. Because this type of marketing is so affordable, it has a high return on investment. You can do a few social media posts and still see results. One of the major benefits of buying and selling nail gel is the size of the product. Each bottle of nail gel is small. As a result, storing and shipping them is simple. You don’t need to rent out a large storage space or spend your budget on expensive shipping supplies. Even if someone orders multiple bottles, you can ship their products in a small box.

USA Makeup Wholesaler

Finally, buying wholesale makeup can be a great way to get into the beauty industry. You can start out selling Maybelline, and then branch out into other brands like Sally Hansen, L’Oréal, Milani, Revlon, or many others. Furthermore, adding social media marketing is a great way to increase sales. One of the best ways to sell beauty products is through social media posts. With your own social media accounts, you can market your makeup at a low cost. 

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