Sally Hansen Overstock Nail Gel

We have an assortment of Sally Hansen products available for sale which were liquidated from the best USA National Drug Stores. We sell this as an assorted mixed box full of different products. Most of the times, the products are nail related, including miracle gel. Miracle Gel Duo packs is a premier product that resales anywhere from $9.99 to $20 and is a great reseller item. So, our makeup mystery box might have a nice surprise waiting inside! 

Wholesale Makeup

We buy makeup from reputable sources by signing direct buying contracts with the top USA Drug Store Retailers. We do not buy from China or any country outside the United States. That makes our wholesale makeup legitimate and ready for resale.

Cosmetics Wholesaler

If you want to have a retail business, you need inventory. This is true for online sellers as well as those who have a physical location. Typically, the amount you spend on your inventory will impact the success of your business. Sellers who pay too much for their inventory need to charge customers high prices. Furthermore, they may not make a significant profit on their sales.

Makeup Liquidation

Fortunately, there is a way of finding affordable inventory. It comes in the form of makeup liquidation. The inventory you get is likely to be cheaper than the inventory you would get from a wholesaler. And your inventory doesn’t need to suffer. If you buy from a reputable dealer, you can get high-quality inventory from clearance liquidation. Merchandise Liquidator has a large selection of clearance lots, including Sally Hansen clearance.

Cosmetics Mystery Boxes

Buying our mixed box of Sally Hansen products will give you a huge variety of products both in color but also in product variation. Here is what can be included in your makeup mystery box:

amazon mystery boxes

Mystery boxes are great for small retail stores, eCommerce sellers, or flea markets.

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