Starting a Flea Market Business

Flea Market Items

Get a leg up on the competition by buying flea market items through liquidation pallets. Normally, they get a bad reputation because the items are so hit or miss. For this reason, they are great for liquidation item resales. Through buying bulk pallets of merchandise, you can find hidden treasure for the next event and stand out from the crowd.

Start Small Resale Business

The upside of selling at flea markets is that it’s great for starting a small resale business. Very few people know that setting up a booth is very cheap. By starting this way, you get the freedom of selling pallet merchandise with minimal startup costs. The main reason for the small cost is because the marketing at these events is done for you.

According to American Merchandiser, most Flea Market venues see between 1,000 to 5,000 shoppers daily. That means besides paying for rent and inventory, the strain of overhead disappears when marketing is done for you. Not worrying about if customers are going to show up is a huge relief.

Swap Meet Difference

There are many names for events where sellers set up booths for customers to peruse their wares. Swap Meets, Bazaars, and even Treasure Markets are used interchangeably with Flea Markets. Either way, sellers at these events rent a stall or small space from the owner and set up their store alongside a variety of other discount sellers. These resellers sell everything from rugs to perfume.

Bulk Wholesale Merchandise

The best items for this type of resale are items that you buy in bulk pallets. Just one pallet is enough merchandise to fill a normal stall. The key to starting with pallet sales is that each week you can try a different categories to see what works for you. Above all, this require patience. Testing a new pallet liquidator and their categories takes a scientific approach.

Top Swap Meet Tips

We found that the best course of action when starting at swap meets is to try everything. Interestingly, it doesn’t cost much to try. That means, experimenting and playing with different inventory is relatively riskless. That being the case, we found a few constant tips and tricks:

Find the Best Swap Meet

Probably the most important tip is to scope out several different Flea Markets. When you scope out these locations, choose the one with vendors who sell merchandise like yours. Additionally, find one with great foot traffic. There is nothing worse than signing up for a booth, setting up, spending the money, only to have no one show up!

Be Outgoing and Friendly

This goes without saying, but you are now in sales. Therefore, you must separate yourself from your competition by being front and center at your booth. As customers pass by, be sure to wave to them and say hello. When customers look at your products, smile, and welcome all questions they have. Be prepared to haggle with a SMILE!

Buy Bulk Pallets

Collectible cards, restored electronics, and bulk clothing are one of many options available to you when you sell at the Flea Market. We recommend finding a cheap source of inventory from your local liquidator. The best type of liquidation merchandise to buy is bulk pallets.

Simplify Swap Meet Sales

Although cash is king, if you want to increase your swap meet sales, you need to take credit and debit cards along with cash. There are many ways to offer this service to your customers like using Vend Payments. Simple, quick, affordable checkouts are the key differences between being an average seller and a great one.

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