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Furniture Liquidation Pallets

We sell pallets and truckloads of furniture from USA Department Stores. These pallets contain everything from ready-to-assemble to fully assembled furniture. Furniture is always in high demand and is a perfect fit for any reseller who has a large physical location.

Furniture Liquidation Pallets

Types of Furniture in These Pallets

These are the kind of furniture pallets we carry on our warehouse at Miami FL.

Wholesale Furniture Pallets

Furniture is used in every household. Our furniture pallets can contain an assortment of furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and much more. Here are a few of the types of furniture found in our mixed pallets:

Example list: Desks, dining tables, accent chairs, bookcases, end tables, stools, nightstands, storage cabinets, mirrors, benches, dressers, coffee tables, ottomans

Buy Closeout Furniture by the Truckload

Furniture  Pallets

We only source from the most trusted USA National Retailers. Buy directly from us to get the most savings on furniture truckload liquidation.

Best Furniture Liquidator in Florida

Our closeout warehouse has been in Miami, Florida since 2003. Customers from all over the world travel to our headquarters looking for the best deals in furniture to help grow the profits of their business. If you are looking for savings or ways to expand your business, contact us today to see what we are currently offering. Our customers come in a variety of sizes from pallet buyers to truckloads. We are here to help so please contact us today!

Make Money Reselling Overstock Furniture

In 2018, the Global Furniture Market was valued at around $331 Billion Dollars. Furniture is a large market used in everything from eating, sleeping, seating, and storage. Zion Market Research (link: projects the worldwide furniture market to be valued at $472 Billion by 2024.

What Is Furniture Liquidation?

Our closeout furniture pallets come from national retailers who will liquidate inventory at unbelievable prices to create space for new inventory. Otherwise, we buy special offerings from companies filing bankruptcy and need to liquidate their inventory to pay down debt obligations as part of the settlement. In summary, furniture liquidation happens for several reasons:

  • Overstock merchandise
  • Vendor returns
  • Change in season or Inventory turnover
  • Customer returns or defective merchandise
  • Bankruptcy

Buying liquidated furniture can boost your business by offering a new selection to your customers at amazing prices. Because our company buys directly from large retailers, we pass the maximum savings to you which creates profit margins larger than traditional wholesale or distributor pricing.

Conditions of Liquidation Furniture

We sell unmanifested, mixed condition pallets. That means the best way to purchase from us is to come to our liquidation warehouse and pick the pallets in person or work closely with our expert sales team. Here are a few of the conditions you can expect to find in our merchandise:

New or Like New

New or like new furniture is almost flawless. Most of the times, it’s overstock, shelf-pulls, or closeout merchandise. There might be some box damage, wear on the edges of the packaging, or other aesthetic issues such as fading from sun exposure or denting from shipping and handling but it’s usually nothing major.


Most customer returns were taken home by the customer and tested or slightly used before returning to the store. In most cases, the furniture if perfectly fine with slight wear or tear. That being the case, the nature of liquidation is very unpredicatable so there may be times where the customer returns might be in worse condition with excess wear and tear.


Salvage is like recycling. Customers who buy salvage furniture take apart and use parts for restoring or repairing purposes.

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