Wholesale Furniture

Wholesale furniture is an extreme-specialty category in the liquidation industry. Because furniture is so large, furniture resellers need plenty of space. Therefore, you need a large warehouse or retail store for success.

That is why we sell pallets and truckloads of furniture from USA Department Stores. Since these wholesale pallets are from leading retailers, they contain everything from ready-to-assemble to fully assembled furniture.

Furniture Liquidators Warehouse

We only sell from our USA furniture liquidators warehouse. Because this niche market is growing by leaps and bounds, we suggest reselling furniture. In 2018, the Global Furniture Market was valued at around $331 Billion Dollars. Since furniture is used in everything from eating, sleeping, seating, and storage, the furniture market is extremely sustainable. To put it in perspective, the projection for 2024 is valued at $472 Billion. Therefore, these pallets are perfect for any reseller who has plans to strong business.

Wholesale Pallet Furniture

Our wholesale pallet furniture contains desks, dining tables, accent chairs, bookcases, end tables, stools, nightstands, and RTA. But what is RTA?

The acronym RTA stands for Ready-To-Assemble Furniture. This means, the wholesale furniture needs assembly but it is still tightly packed boxes. If you are good with your hands, then RTA Furniture is for you.

Furniture Liquidation

Customers from all over the world travel to our headquarters looking for the best deals in wholesale furniture liquidation. Since 2003, our closeout warehouse has served thousands of liquidation customers. These customers come from a variety of countries and buy pallets or truckloads. Buy directly from us to get the most savings on liquidation furniture truckloads.

Wholesale Furniture FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about Bulk Furniture

Furniture lots are sold by the pallet or truckload. They come from national retailers who sell to furniture liquidators. This can happen several ways:

  • Furniture Warehouse Sales

  • Furniture Store Clearance Sales

  • Online Furniture Auctions

  • Closeout Furniture Sales

The type of furniture lots available in bulk can determine the condition. Meaning, if you buy salvage, you can expect used conditions. Here are a few of the conditions you can expect to find in our furniture warehouse:

Overstock Furniture

Overstock furniture comes in new or like new condition. Most of the times, this furniture is almost flawless. Other times, there might be some box damage, wear on the edges of the packaging, or other aesthetic issues such as fading from sun exposure or denting.

Customer Returns Furniture

Most customer returns furniture were taken home by the customer and tested or slightly used. Largely, the furniture is perfectly fine or might have slight wear and tear. Worst case scenario, the furniture is hiding a larger problem that was never mentioned in the return slip.

Salvage Furniture

Salvage furniture is like recycling. Customers who buy salvage furniture take apart and use parts for restoring or repairing purposes.

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