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General Merchandise Liquidation Pallets

We have Truckloads and Pallets of Merchandise – mixed and assorted to create the best overstock goods found in US Retail Stores.

general merchandise liquidations

Type of Goods in These Pallets

Some of the categories you will be able to find in these pallets of General Merchandise

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General merchandise salvage lots pallets
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Reliable General Merchandise Wholesaler

From clothing pallets to electronics, we have all types of liquidation merchandise for our resale clients. Retail arbitrage is easy when you buy liquidation pallets at cost-effective prices. The best way to buy merchandise liquidation is to buy in bulk – the larger the volume, the less expensive. Come to our liquidation warehouse and see the difference for yourself.

Find Liquidation Pallets and Truckloads in the USA

By contacting us, you will receive the best wholesale lot offers. You can do that either via our website or via email. If you want to get an idea about what we sell, take a look at our website. Our customers are given opportunities to get products from major brands and in great conditions, we get these products by acting quickly and making sure we get the first liquidated merchandise of any type.

liquidation pallets warehouse

Best General Merchandise Liquidation

If you are looking for the number one place to find the best general merchandise at liquidation costs, look no further. We offer an extensive collection of merchandise by the pallet or the truckload, as well as clearance lots at competitive prices. We have many different methods to get our customers the best pricing on goods and have been perfecting our business tactics since 2003.

For the best deals on wholesale lots, contact us today or browse our website to get an idea of what we are currently offering. Our general merchandise liquidation selections come from a wide range of suppliers in a wide range of conditions because we act quickly to get the best deals for our customers. If you are looking for a variety of options and a wide selection of the best pricing, Merchandize Liquidators is your best bet.

Take a look below to learn more about the world of general merchandise liquidation in Florida and contact us now to discover how you can get in on these great deals. By building your business around liquidated merchandise, you stand to make a lot of money if you can target the right customers. The fact that they were liquidated does not mean that they are undesirable at all, only that the original retailers did not do a great job of marketing these products. We will discuss that in greater detail further down. Browse our available selections and read about merchandise liquidation below.

What Is General Merchandise Liquidation?

Merchandise liquidation happens when major retailers end up with an overstock of products, for a variety of reasons. When this happens with major chains, it is more cost-effective for them to sell this merchandise in bulk to third-party resellers such as Merchandize Liquidators in order to free up valuable space for other products. We purchase these complete lots, and offer them to you, our customer, at competitive pricing.

After winning a liquidation auction, you will be able to market these products at great prices to your customers, which is a great way to build your business around affordable items and excellent margins.

Our general merchandise liquidation program consists of a wide range of merchandise from many different sources. If you are looking for a good way to stock your storefront, either online or at a brick and mortar location, this may be a great way to set yourself up with a significant amount of inventory to work through.

Where Does Liquidated Merchandise Come From?

There are many different places that liquidated merchandise ultimately comes from, but ultimately it is all for one reason — to clear out space. It is necessary for the major retailers that we work with to keep their products moving, which requires valuable space.

We buy our lots from major retailers in a variety of conditions. Below is a list of the different conditions that our general merchandise will be available in, and what makes each category different:

Customer Returns

Customer returns are very common for merchandise liquidation purchases but are not recommended for every buyer. Since the items have likely been used before they were returned to the retailer or the web store distributor, there is no certainty that these items will all be in working condition, and it is especially important to recognize that they will rarely, if ever, be “like new.” However, if you are willing to do some inspecting and repairs in order to maximize your profit for each lot, this may be a very appealing option for you.

Our general merchandise returns come from a variety of retailers who sell a wide range of goods and are sold to us without being sorted by specific designation. This means that a single pallet could contain a range of products that go from hand tools to cosmetics and everything in between. Most often, these lots have not been cataloged and inventoried, meaning that there is no count or manifest available for you and no certain amount of items that you will be receiving.

However, general merchandise from customer returns is priced accordingly, and this is a great opportunity to increase your reach and the product offerings that you have available for your customers with a chance for excellent margins.

Shelf Pulls and Store Stock

Shelf pulls are generally in better condition than customer returns, because of the nature of the supply. They are usually still in their package, and the majority of the wear and use that you could expect for a good portion of these items is from being on display in a brick and mortar store. This could include things like package damage, sun bleaching, or other things like that. Typically. In cases where we know what the actual product count is on our pallet or truck that is up for sale, then we generally sell it at a percentage of the retail value. However, there are many cases where we will not know the count.

If you are looking for high-quality new products, then you should likely look for shelf pulls and store overstock lots. There are a lot of different reasons that the store was not able to sell this merchandise, likely due to a combination of location, traffic, and marketing, which is difficult for such a large retailer to do for specific items. However, you can market directly to consumers for these items, and sell them at a great margin for maximum profit.

Some common things to expect with these types of liquidations are:

  • – Seasonal goods that are now off-season
  • – Discontinued product lines
  • – Products replaced by newer models
  • – Items with retail price tags on them
  • – Some items may have security tags still on them
  • – Packaging may be worn due to handling
  • – Products with expiration dates may be set to expire or may have already expired
  • – Packages may be defaced to prevent returns to the original store
  • – Some of the products may be out of their boxes, as they had been used as in-store display items or demo products


In many cases, a big-box retailer or major chain will make a significant order for a single product, and may ultimately realize that they have oversaturated the location. In this case, they can either redistribute the goods to other stores, or they can approach a company like Merchandize Liquidators to sell the overstock at cut-rate prices. In many cases, it makes more financial sense for large retailers to sell their overstock at a loss or near-loss to avoid paying additional distribution, shipping, remerchandising, and planning costs.

Overstock auctions may actually be a great sign that the retailers decided that these particular products were going to be high-volume sellers, meaning that you may be able to have great success selling them yourself. In addition, overstock items are new and most-often packaged (other than occasional display items), meaning that you have top-quality inventory at great prices.


When a store closes or a company goes out of business, they sell their remaining inventory at very low costs in order to recoup expenses or repay debtors. Merchandize Liquidators love to take advantage of these situations and pass these savings on to you.

Closeout lots can provide you with a wide variety of products, which may end up being auctioned or sold as General Merchandise liquidation offerings on our website. If you are looking for a wide selection of offerings to diversify your business, closeout lots are a great opportunity to sell to a wide range of customers and a variety of audiences. Closeout sales are one of our favorite opportunities to get high-quality goods for excellent prices.

Reconditioned or Repaired Merchandise

In some cases, a retailer or third party may decide to restore a returned item if they determine that it is a cost-effective option. However, they may not have the infrastructure or sales operations necessary to handle selling these reconditioned items, meaning that they sell them on the open market in bulk lots at competitive prices.

There is no set quality or condition requirement for refurbished merchandise other than confirming that the product is in working order, meaning that your purchase may include a variety of different aesthetic levels or repair. Some may look used, others may appear as if they are brand new, but all will have been approved for resale by the manufacturer or the merchandise liquidator.

Web Distribution Returns

In many cases, companies have online fulfillment warehouses and third-party logistics companies that handle their web orders instead of keeping the inventory on-site. Returns are also handled separately, as they are returned to the logistics company instead of the main company. Many times, these returns will be sold in bulk to companies like Merchandize Liquidators for very low prices, which in turn allows us to offer these packages to our clients for competitive rates.

Online shops have notoriously simple and relaxed returns processes in order to offer strong incentives to their customers. This means that online returns are often in a much wider range of conditions than in-store, but are oftentimes in either new or like-new condition. This is common because people will buy a few varieties of one thing from online retailers in order to test them at home and return all of the ones that do not suit their needs. Of course, in some cases people understand that the online return policies are much laxer and take advantage of these policies, meaning that there will be the occasional item that is completely unable to be salvaged, but for the most part, these returns are, on average, in notably better condition than in-store returns.

Quality Levels of Liquidated General Merchandise

As you can imagine from the different sources and types of general merchandise that we handle, there are a variety of quality levels that you can expect. This does not mean that you will be getting a “grab bag” of varying qualities (unless specified), and we do our best to indicate the condition for each of our pallets and truckloads offered to our clients for sale or auction.

New or Like New

In many cases, a closeout or shelf pull lot will contain items that are either new or like new, as they were on display for sale but never ultimately sold for the reasons discussed above. If you are looking for items to resell with minimal work required to get them to your required level of quality, this may be your best option. At an auction, new or like-new items will sell for a higher price, meaning you will have lower resale margins, but this does not mean that you will not be able to make a nice profit from this option.

Customer Returns

If you are looking for top quality products with a reasonable level of consistency, we do not recommend that you purchase customer returns. Customer return items are sold in a wide range of qualities, and you may ultimately need to do a significant amount of work in order to get all of your items up to your required standard of quality before reselling them.

If you are not interested in risking a high level of defective products (some may range higher than 50%, while others may be between 10 and 20%), we do not recommend buying customer returns. There are many other available options that will provide you with the quality level that you need for your business model.


Salvage-grade merchandise lots are completely unmanifested and undocumented, meaning that you are getting a wide variety of merchandise at an unknown degree of quality. If you are looking for the absolute most affordable option, and are ok with not knowing exactly what or how much you are getting, this is a great option. With the right business model, salvaged liquidation merchandise can be extremely profitable.

Much like customer returns, there is no guarantee of quality in a salvage purchase, meaning you understand the risks that you are taking in exchange for such an aggressively low price. If you are willing to put extra work into your purchases in order to make resale possible, this is an excellent option for you.

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