Target General Merchandise

Target a diverse customer base with liquidation general merchandise. General merchandise is mainly hardline goods from major USA retailers. Hardline general merchandise includes electronics, appliances, tools, toys, sporting goods, and many more. Basically, anything not including wholesale clothing, shoes, and undergarments.

Bulk Wholesale Merchandise

The best way to buy target general merchandise is in bulk. Afterwards, most resellers use the merchandise for thrift store or resale shops

Resell Amazon Returns

Amazon returns resellers depend on retail arbitrage for profit. Retail arbitrage is buying products from retail shelves and reselling them either online or physically. The best way to capture this arbitrage is buying liquidation pallets of general merchandise. Build your reseller business around liquidation merchandise – you stand to make a lot of money if you can target the right customers. 

Merchandise Pallets FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers on the popular General Merchandise category

General merchandise liquidation is when major retailers get rid of excess inventory. Mostly, this is due to overstock, change in season, or returns. In terms of retail stores, it is more cost-effective to sell this bulk merchandise to liquidators. In turn, this frees up valuable space for other products.

Liquidation merchandise from major retailers comes in several types of conditions. Below is a list of the different conditions:

Returns Pallets

Commonly, merchandise liquidation is returns pallets. Most likely, these goods were returned to the retailer or the ecommerce store after a customer used them. That means there is no certainty that these items will all be in working condition. However, if you are willing to do some inspecting and repairs in order to maximize your profit for each lot, this may be a very appealing option for you.

Shelf Pull Pallets

These pallets are generally in better condition than returns pallets. Normally, shelf pull pallets are exactly how they sound – pulled from retail shelves. Usually, they have original packaging and the majority of the wear is from being on display in a store. In this case, wear could include things like damaged packaging, sun bleaching, or retail stickers.

Overstock Pallets

In many cases, retail buyers use complex calculations to project future sales. Afterwards, these big-box retailers make significant orders for a products using these projections. A lot of times the buyers are correct, but every once in awhile, they miss their target. When this happens, the unsold goods are left over warehouses.

This is unsold inventory is called overstock. This overstock is then sold to liquidators for B2B resale. Therefore, overstock returns are new and in pristine packaging.

Closeout Merchandise

Closeout sales are when a store closes or a company goes out of business and they sell their remaining inventory at very low costs in order to recoup expenses or repay debtors. Closeout lots can provide you with a wide variety of products, which may end up being auctioned or sold as General Merchandise liquidation offerings on our website. These lots are a great opportunity to sell to a range of customers and audiences. 

Refurbished Electronics

There is no set quality or condition requirement for refurbished electronics other than confirming that the product is in working order. Meaning, that these refurb products include a variety of different aesthetic levels or repair. Some look used and others may appear as if they are brand new. But, all will have been approved for resale by the manufacturer or the merchandise liquidator.

Amazon Returns

Amazon offers free returns to it’s customers. But, what happens to all of those online returns? Amazon returns are received, handled, and sorted in massive Amazon warehouses all over the USA. Then, these returns will be sold in bulk to companies like Merchandize Liquidators for very low prices which in turn allows us to offer these packages to our clients for competitive rates.

Amazon returns are often in a much wider range of conditions than in-store. Normally, they are in either new or like-new condition. This is because people will buy a few varieties to test them at home and return all of the ones that do not suit their needs. Of course, in some cases people understand that the online return policies are much laxer and take advantage of these policies, meaning that there will be the occasional item that is completely unable to be salvaged, but for the most part, these returns are, on average, in notably better condition than in-store returns.

General merchandise comes in a variety of pallet conditions.  condition levels in liquidation. Here are a few examples of pallet condition:

New or Like New Pallets

In many cases, a closeout or shelf pull lot will contain items that are either new or like new, as they were on display for sale but never ultimately sold for the reasons discussed above. If you are looking for items to resell with minimal work required to get them to your required level of quality, this may be your best option. At an auction, new or like-new items will sell for a higher price, meaning you will have lower resale margins, but this does not mean that you will not be able to make a nice profit from this option.

Returns Pallets

Returns pallets are sold in a wide range of qualities. Since these are items returned after customer use, you might have trouble with resale. This is because, you might need to do a significant amount of work in order to get all of your items up to your required resale standard.

Some returns pallets may have defect ranges higher than 50%, while others may be between 10 and 20%. Therefore, we do not recommend buying customer returns if you have a weak stomach.

Salvage Pallets

Salvage merchandise lots are completely unmanifested and undocumented. Meaning, there is wide variety of merchandise at an unknown degree of quality. If you are looking for the absolute most affordable option this is a great option.

With the right business model, salvaged liquidation merchandise can be extremely profitable. Much like returns pallets, there is no guarantee of quality in a salvage purchase. Hopefully, you understand the risks that you are taking in exchange for such an aggressively low price. If you are willing to put extra work into your purchases in order to make resale possible, this is an excellent option for you.

Liquidation Warehouse

If you are looking for the number one place to find the best liquidation pallets, come to our liquidation warehouse. Our liquidation warehouse sells unique mixes of Baby Hard Lines, Medium & Large GM, and Bin Store High Count Merchandise. Additionally, we have clearance lots at competitive prices. We sell these merchandise lots by the pallet or truckload. After you buy our lots, you will be able to market these products at great prices to your customers. This is a great way to build your business around affordable items and excellent margins.

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