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Liquidation Bin Store Outlet Products

Bin Store Product Pallets

Mixed Pallets of Merchandise SKU: BSPPTGT


Liquidation Bin Store Outlets are becoming more popular every day with new locations popping up everywhere across the country. Start your own business today with our wholesale bin store pallets which are full of a wide assortment of hardline products found in every USA Online Retailer and Brick & Mortar Store.

Buy Bin Store Products for Weekly Restock

There is no rhyme or reason to bin stores – THEY ARE FUN! If you treat the business as an event and strive to continually surprise and entertain your customers, they will come back over and over again. Try visiting our warehouse and looking through our liquidation outlet to find the best mix of merchandise to surprise your customer!

What is a Bin Store?

What is a Bin Store?

Bin Stores get their name by how they sell their product – in giant plastic or wooden bins. Every week, a truckload of bin store products is sorted and arranged in these bins in a huge mix. The customer is surprised to find treasure in these bins and it normally becomes a weekly event with many returning customers.

Normally the pricing is flat priced with the start of the week opening with the highest flat price and each day dropping until there is no product left. Then, rinse, repeat! Here is an example of how pricing can work:

Bin Store products

Best Variety in Bin Store Product Daily

Want to know the secret to a good Bin Store? A surprise in product selection and variation every week! The products must be different and keep the customer entertained week in and week out. Since many of them are returning customers, they saw last week’s goods and expect to dig through bins to discover new deals. So, what do you do? You buy our inventory ranging from HBA to GM to Window Treatments.

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