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Bin stores are becoming more popular everyday. New locations are popping up everywhere across the country. Since 2003, Merchandize Liquidators has tracked new liquidation trends start and end. This is why we recommend starting a bin store today. In response to the overwhelming demand, we offer weekly sales of High Count Amazon Pallets.

Amazon Bin Store

Amazon bin stores are the latest trend to breathe new life into the extreme discount retail environment. Bin stores are a type of discount store that use primarily inventory from liquidation. These discount stores have an advantage over traditional retailers because they have very little start-up costs. In order to start a bin store, all you need are Amazon pallets for inventory, large containers to hold product, and a checkout counter. That means, no expensive fixtures or complicated marketing. 

Dump Bin for Bin Stores

A bin store is a discount retail store that has a Treasure Hunt or Black Friday buying frenzy theme. They do this by dumping merchandise into large dump bins. A Dump Bin can either be bought or made. If you make your own, start with large table and add a lip to create a bin. That way, when you put Amazon pallets merchandise on the table, it stays on it rather than going all over the floor and creating a safety hazard.  Conversely, dump bins can also be bought. Remember that bin stores go through weekly sales and get a lot of wear and tear. Keeping that in mind, quality goes a long way. Together with price, the more you pay the better quality you get.

Weekly Restocking

From the outside, bin stores look like a huge mess! But, if you treat the business as an event sale, then your goal changes to continually surprise and entertain your customers. This weekly event sale will create returning customers. They will come back over and over again to look through the bargain bins and find treasure. That is why Merchandize Liquidators makes Amazon pallets available for weekly sale. Trust us, you will need product every week to keep your store active. Remember, the greatest sin a retailer can commit is to run out of product.

Amazon Pallets Warehouse

Visit our wholesale warehouse and look through our liquidation outlet to find the best mix of merchandise to surprise your customer. Our wholesale bin store pallets which are full of a wide assortment of hardline products found in every USA Online Retailer and Brick & Mortar Store. In summary, if you buy liquidation from retail stores cheap, then your customers have great fun buying brand name at extreme discounts.

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