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GM Pallets for Sale

At Merchandize Liquidators, our GM liquidation pallets, sometimes called a skid, is a variety of hardline general merchandise built up to 6 feet tall with merchandise from the best USA Big Box Retailers.

GM Liquidation Pallet

Mixed Pallets of GM Goods


What is a GM Pallet?

A GM pallet of liquidation can refer to many things from power tools to electronics to baby hardlines. The liquidation pallets we sell are labeled as GM. Broadly speaking, retail has two categories: grocery and everything else. GM falls into the second category, everything else. It’s an extremely varied category including Housewares, Bedding, HBA, Toys, Home Improvement, Sporting Goods, Electronics, Office Supplies, and Seasonal Goods. What makes our GM Mix different is that we do NOT include Apparel or Shoes.

Buy Cheap GM Amazon Pallets

Finding a reputable pallet liquidator can be a big challenge. Many new customers will face scams in the form of online brokers who do not own the inventory. These online brokers act as middlemen and use a liquidator’s pictures and inventory to flip the merchandise to unsuspecting customers. Although this might not seem bad, we’ve found that the flipped merchandise does not meet the description from the broker and often leaves the customer paying too much for the inventory that could be bought cheaper from the liquidator themselves.

Buying from Merchandize Liquidators guarantees a low price since there is no broker or middlemen. We are the liquidator and all you must do is visit our warehouse to see the product yourself. If you ever have any questions or worries, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll always help you.

Best Liquidation Pallet in Miami, FL, USA

Merchandize Liquidators has a liquidation warehouse located in Miami, FL which can help your business with all your supply needs. Come visit and peruse isles after isles of customer return and overstock merchandise.

Making Money from a GM Pallet

It may seem simple, but the #1 rule to follow is to buy low, sell high. We help you satisfy this cardinal rule by procuring products from the largest US retailers and passing the savings to you. Merchandize Liquidators is not a broker or middleman, we buy the merchandise outright from national retailers and ship the liquidation truckloads to our liquidator warehouse in South Florida. From there, we sort and palletize the merchandise, essentially doing the heavy lifting for you so it’s easier to pick your product for your business.

Do you know which liquidation product or category works best for your business? Our sales team has decades of liquidation experience and can help light the way for business profitability. Call us and schedule an appointment with our staff today.

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