Wholesale Bulk Pallets

Our bulk pallets are mainly GM, or general merchandise. Sometimes, these pallets are also called a skid. These GM skids are built up to 6 feet tall. This GM is sourced from Big Box Retailers. What makes our GM Mix different is that we do NOT include Apparel or Shoes. Instead, it includes Housewares, Bedding, HBA, Toys, Office Supplies, Seasonal, and more. 

Merchandise Bulk Pallets

Merchandise, or GM for short, stands for General Merchandise or Hardlines. A few good examples of hardlines are: power tools, electronics, baby items, and sporting goods. Broadly speaking, retail has two categories: softlines and hardlines. GM falls into the latter, because softlines are clothing, footwear, and undergarments. 

Buy Direct Liquidation

Finding a reputable pallet liquidator can be a big challenge. Many new customers will face scams in the form of online brokers who do not own the inventory. These online brokers act as middlemen and flip the merchandise to unsuspecting customers. Although this might not seem bad, we’ve found that the flipped merchandise does not meet the description from the broker. This often leaves the customer paying too much for the inventory that could be bought cheaper directly from the liquidator themselves.

Liquidation Side Hustle

The #1 rule to follow is to buy low, sell high. Luckily, we buy direct and pass the savings to you. We receive truckloads daily from all over the country. From there, we sort and palletize the merchandise. Then, we organize and layout the product in our warehouse. Essentially, we do the heavy lifting for you. That way, it’s easier to pick the product right for your business.

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