Salvage Lot

Liquidation salvage pallets come from a variety of national US retailers. These salvage pallets are build 6’ tall and contain a vast assortment of customer returns and surplus merchandise.

Salvage Goods

Salvage goods differs greatly from clearance merchandise. This type of liquidation is the merchandise that retail chains are unable to sell in their own stores. Typically, they are store exchanges, shelf-pulls, and customer returned items. Because of this, the stores can’t sell them directly to their customers. Instead, they look for another way to make money. This means finding a third-party to buy the merchandise at a relatively low cost. Eager to get rid of the items, a retail shop is likely to sell a pallet or truckload for only a small portion of the actual cost.

There is something you should know about salvage pallets: If something is salvage, it is sold as-is. That means, not all the merchandise will be functional or fully operational. So, there is some risk that comes with the purchase. That said, it’s likely that a good portion of the merchandise will work well. You might get lucky; there may be some brand-new items, as well as returns of unused products. Either way, the extremely low cost of the pallet makes it a smart risk. Even if only a small percentage of the items are fully functional, you can still make a profit.

Repair and Resell Salvage Electronics

It’s important to realize that buying and selling salvage electronics involves a little more work than other types of merchandise. However, it also has the potential to make a greater profit. There are millions of people who profit from salvage merchandise. They sell their items online, at auctions, at flea markets, and in stores. When you put in the time, you can profit.

The trick is to test your merchandise before you sell it. You may be able to sell a broken product. However, you must warn the buyer that it is broken before the sale. For this reason, you should test all your open boxes. A store return may work, or it may not. You can’t know until you test it out.

Cheap Refurb Pallets

Because salvage pallets are inexpensive, so you won’t be risking a lot of money. When you resell pallets, start with a plan of action. Try a way to resell the merchandise that works for you. Many successful business owners turn to either the flea market or online marketplace like Amazon or eBay to make money. With the right time and effort, this type of product will make you money. Just remember, patience is key.

Flipping Truckloads:

1. Buy a truckload of salvage liquidation pallets

You should always start off small but keep in mind that buying larger volumes saves you money on the inventory as well as shipping.

2. Unpack and sort out the merchandise

This is a very thorough and time-consuming step. Each pallet needs high attention to detail. If you miss a broken or damaged item during this step and accidentally sell it as new, you could find a very angry customer!

3. Find out what to sell, repair, and use for parts

Part of step #2 is evaluating the salvage merchandise. With more experience, you’ll get better and better at this step. This step is the difference between making a little money and making a TON of money!

4. Come back for more!

We’re a consistent supplier of salvage merchandise in South Florida. Our 85,000 square foot liquidation warehouse will always have product available for your business needs.

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