Wholesale Designer Handbags

We sell an assortment of wholesale designer handbags and purses from famous designers like Coach, Calvin Klein, and many more. These wholesale overstock handbag and purse lots are from High End Department Stores.

We repeat, we only source from Highly Respected USA High End Department Stores. None of our designer bags are imported from China or other unknown sources. Rest assured that our products are genuine and real, many times still with store tags still attached.

Wholesale Designer Purses

Are you interested in buying cheap designer purses and handbags? The first step is to contact us and register as a new customer. If you’re already a customer of Merchandize Liquidators, then the next step is to request available handbag lots. These purse lots are all manifested and sold as a % of MSRP. Please keep in mind, these are also sold very quickly, and supplies are limited.

Buy as little as a pallet and as much as a truckload from our outlet warehouse. We wholesale everything your boutique needs to keep your shelves full and customers happy. We also sell designer apparel which would work well together with the designer handbags.

Combating Counterfeit and Pirated Products

When our customers ask how our prices are so low, we explain the liquidation process to them.  Inevitably, we get the question are your products fake?

No, No, and NO! We create exclusive contracts with USA Retailers who all belong to the National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association. We trust in America and we support the US economy by rejecting all offers for counterfeit goods.

If you know of anyone selling fake products, counterfeit, or pirated goods, it is your responsibility to report them at www.stopfakes.gov. Not only do these criminals work underground, they also affect your business! These criminals post products for sale at prices that are so ludicrous and outrageous that no business can compete with them. It’s lying at it’s worst and it damages our industry.

Wholesale Designer Clothing

We don’t just sell handbag lots, we also sell wholesale name brand clothing.

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