Wholesale Health OTC Products

Name brand wholesale health and beauty products are a great resell item, especially when sourced through liquidation pallets. Because of the topical and ingestible nature of HBA and OTC, during the liquidation process, many of the salvage or trash items are destroyed. When an item is destroyed, it never resells to a liquidator or recycler. After you understand that fact, the risk of wholesale OTC lowers significantly.

Wholesale Over the Counter Drugs

OTC medicine is short for Over-the-Counter Medicine. If you are ever sick with fever, most of the times you will go to the doctor for medicine. But, unlike doctor’s prescriptions, OTC drugs are for common issues like headache or nausea. That’s whey these medicines are distributed in USA Drug Stores without a doctor’s note. 

Common OTC drug products are pain relievers, allergy medicine, vitamins, and minerals. That’s why the global OTC market in 2020 was over $175 billion. Famous name brands can include Advil, Aleve, Vicks, Nicorette, Zyrtec, Benadryl, and Tylenol. Since we liquidate these drugstores, our health and beauty pallets are full of only nationally branded merchandise. This is then sold at a fraction of the cost of wholesale cost. 

Overstock Drugstore Products

Wholesale health products are all-season items. Because colds exist year round, everyone needs medicine. This demand is great for consistent business. So, why not supply them these necessities at a discount? Bin stores, flea markets, and online stores on eBay or Walmart, are perfect for our bulk medicine pallets. Because, none of our products are imported from China or of unknown origin, that means our overstock drugstore products are sourced in the USA.

Sourcing from the largest US drugstores has its benefits. First and foremost, there is trust. Knowing that you trust your supply is monumental in business. We buy in large volume and ship our products to our liquidation warehouse so we can verify the contents of each truckload. We then sort, process, pick, and pack our wholesale OTC into designed cartons so you don’t get a lot of junk mixed in with your purchase. All of this helps supply your business and generate great profit.

Overstock Health and Beauty Liquidation

Our most successful customers visit our overstock warehouse and verify the product before they buy. It’s important to know what to expect when buying liquidation OTC medicine since each mix is different and can vary week to week or month to month. Some months have a higher percentage of cold and flu products while other may have more vitamins and minerals in the OTC Mix. The only way to feel safe with your purchase is to visit us each time you purchase and clearly mark the cartons or pallets you want to take home with you.

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