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Home Improvement Liquidation

Buying tools, hardware, and anything for your home improvement projects can be cheap if you pick the right supplier. We sell Home Improvement Liquidation by the Pallet and Truckload so you can save money!

Home improvement liquidation

Home Improvement Liquidation Categories

Our wholesale home improvement pallets contain the following assorted items:

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Best Truckload Home Improvement Liquidations

One of the most lucrative markets right now is in home improvement. The countless home improvement shows on TV means that there are a lot of people ready and willing to redo their home. Whether it’s just slapping on a new coat of paint or doing a roof to floor remodel, people are getting in on the home improvement craze. So naturally, there is a lot of money to be made in home improvement.

One of the best ways to make money is through home improvement liquidation. You can do this by purchasing liquidated stocks that come from the big home improvement retailers that are bought, by-merchandise liquidators. You can then resell it to people who want to improve their homes, but don’t have a huge budget to do so. Everybody is a winner with this setup.

General Questions

Where Does Home Improvement Liquidation Merchandise Come From?

Where Does Home Improvement Liquidation Merchandise Come From?


Sometimes, stores, especially the really big ones, order far more products than they end up selling. When that happens, they need to get rid of the surplus so that they can make room in their warehouses for new stock that comes in. They sell that surplus stock to liquidation specialists at steeply discounted prices.

The specialists then sell that stock to liquidation resellers, who in turn, sell it to their customers. At every stage of the process, each participant pays well below the MSRP, so everybody gets a bargain and the sellers make a profit even though they are selling these goods at a low price.


When a store closes, they sell off their inventory to eager buyers looking to make a deal. That is because the inventory gets sold at a lower price than what the store paid for it, so it is a huge bargain for anyone willing to purchase it. Merchandise liquidators are always ready to take advantage of closeouts to get high-quality merchandise at low rates.

Customer Returns

Customers return merchandise for reasons ranging from buyer’s remorse to purchasing the wrong item, dissatisfaction with what they bought, and so on. Whatever the reason may be, the store cannot put those returned items back on the shelves because they are no longer classified as brand new. In fact, they are considered second-hand goods.

Since that merchandise cannot be sold and the stores do not want it taking up valuable storage space, they get sold to merchandise retailers for pennies on the dollar. As long as the goods are not completely defective, they are usually in good condition. That means they are worth buying, worth selling, and worth using.

Repaired/Refurbished/Reconditioned Merchandise

In some cases, the reason for a customer return is that the product is damaged or defective. When that happens, the product gets repaired so that it is in a usable condition once more. There are various levels of refurbishment, some of which look as good as new. Other levels may have some cosmetic imperfections, but no matter how it may look, the merchandise liquidator will make sure that it works perfectly.

What Level Of Quality Should Be Expected From Home Improvement Liquidation Merchandise?

What Level Of Quality Should Be Expected From Home Improvement Liquidation Merchandise?

The condition of the products may vary, but they are all guaranteed to work as intended. On the highest level, the merchandise is brand new and box-fresh, but even on the lower end, you are still sure to get a working product. These are the different levels of product quality you can expect from a merchandise liquidator. For the products on the lower quality levels, just remember to price them accordingly and they can be sold to buyers whose only concern is functionality.

Brand New

As the name says, these products are new, still in their original packaging, and have never been opened or used. These products are usually the result of overstocking or closeouts, which is why they are still new. These are the best deals because you are getting a brand new product at a price that is well below the retail standard, a fact that customers are sure to appreciate and enjoy as well. They will also enjoy the fact the manufacturer’s warranty still applies to these products.

Like New

In this case, the packaging has been opened and the merchandise may have been handled, but it is still in excellent condition and shows no signs of wear and tear. The only difference between Like New and Brand New is that the packaging of the former has been opened, and in some cases, maybe slightly damaged. However, this has no bearing on the quality of the product within that package.

Grade A Refurbishment

First of all, refurbishment grades are there to give you a guideline of the quality of the refurbished product. It gives you an idea of the level of visual defects on the product, as well as how often it was used by the previous owner. Refurbished products are guaranteed to work, they just do not look like they are brand new. As you would expect, Grade A refurbishment is the highest level, and it means that the product is in near-mint condition. There will be slight signs of usage, but there will be a minimal amount of cosmetic imperfections.

Grade B Refurbishment

Products at this level will show more signs of use and have slightly more blemishes than Grade A refurbished merchandise. You won’t see any big dents or signs of rust or anything quite so severe, however, there will be clear signs of use by the previous owner. Grade B refurbished products cost less than Grade A products so they are a good option for people who want a working product without paying too much.

Grade C Refurbishment

This is the lowest level of refurbishment, and while Grade C products still work, they show more signs of wear and tear than the other levels. There will be more nicks, scuffs, scratches, and dents, but the product will still be in a usable condition. Since they are the lowest Grade, they are also the cheapest, so they are a great option for people whose sole concern is that the product works.

What Types of Home Improvement Merchandise is Available?

What Types of Home Improvement Merchandise is Available?

You can get everything needed for simple home improvement or even a complete room remodel. There are also supplies for both indoor and outdoor home improvement. So, no matter what kind of home improvement work your customers are interested in doing, you will have the supplies they need. You can find the basic tools that you need for all occasions, from minor repairs to full-on remodels. These include:

• Hammers – From construction to destruction, a good claw hammer is always needed.

• Screwdrivers – A set of different sized and shaped screwdrivers will always come in handy.

• Drills and drill bits – A drill is necessary for making holes in wood, plastic, or metal. You will find various bits like spade bits, twist bits, and ship augers.

• Tape measure – Measure twice, cut once is the old saying. A good tape measure helps to do just that.

• Pliers – Available in various sizes, they are good for removing misplaced nails or staples.

• Level – A necessity for tables, countertops, towel bars, etc. to be installed properly.

• Nails and screws – They are needed to make sure that everything stays where it belongs.

• Wire cutters – These are needed to cut the tough materials that a pair of scissors are not equipped to handle.

These are just a small sampling of what you will find, you can also get putty knives, vice grips, paint can keys, different kinds of tape, and more. Here is what you will find for more specialized projects.

Kitchen Improvement/Remodel

• Paint – A new paint job can really spruce up a kitchen and give it some new life.

• Lighting fixtures – New lights are a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade the style of a kitchen.

• Flooring – A new floor is a great way to improve the kitchen since it gets the most use out of anything in that room.

• Extra storage – This is always useful no matter the number of people who live in the home.

Bathroom Improvement/Remodel

• Plumbing supplies – Plumbing improvements can help to increase the drainage options in the bathroom.

• Better lighting – Great for decoration and necessary for safety.

• Improved flooring – A stylish and safe floor with a non-slip surface is one of the better options for the bathroom.

Living Room Improvement/Remodel

• Ceiling fan – A fan can be bold and distinctive while also helping with the circulation of air in the room.

• Furniture – New armchairs, sofas, footstools, and other types of furniture can make an old room seem all new.

• Doors and windows – Both are certainly necessary for a house to function but they can be practical in addition to being stylish.

General Improvements

• Lawn and garden supplies – The lawn and yard can also be improved with a variety of different tools and supplies.

• Smart home and security options – From alarm systems to doorbell cameras, there are various options to keep the home safe and secure.

• Heating and cooling – Seasonal options are available to help keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Dotcom Returns

Dotcom returns are products purchased from a retailer’s online operation or website and returned via the specific return channels the retailer has in place. Major retailers oftentimes have different warehouses and logistical operations to run their e-commerce platforms and online selling channels. Since they are separate and apart from store operations, they must handle their Dotcom Returns in a separate way. That’s why this is a wholly separate condition category for liquidated goods. Dotcom returns typically take less tender loving care than customer returns to restore them to salable condition. Often enough people buy things online that they end up not liking when they receive the items they purchased. To remain competitive, retailers have made their online return policies more attractive to reduce the hesitation of online buyers when they go to check out. After all, buying something you can’t see and touch until after you have paid is a risk that many of us have only gotten used to taking thanks go companies like Amazon and Zappos. For this reason, Dotcom Returns tend to be in better shape than Customer Returns from brick & mortar retailers.

Store Stock & Shelf-Pulls

Store Stock & Shelf-Pulls are items that were already exposed for sale in a retail environment (brick-and-mortar or online) but have been “pulled” from the shelves and chosen to be liquidated by the store. These goods are typically new and have never been used. They are typically considered excess inventory from store shelves. In general, Store Stock & Shelf-Pulls require much less work than customer returns in terms of testing and repairing. But you should expect to have some checking work to do as well as cleaning off potentially dusty items and removing price tags (if necessary) before reselling the items. Store Stock & Shelf-Pulls will typically be in good selling condition and may have some or all the following characteristics:

• End of season and seasonal goods

• Discontinued goods

• Items may still have their original retail pricing stickers/tags on them

• Items may have additional retail discount tags on them

• Packaging or item may show signs of handling

• Exterior packaging is often in less than perfect condition

• Maybe defaced/de-labeled (inner labels or tags removed to prevent a return to the original store)

• Some items may still have retail security sensors attached

• A percentage of the items may be out-of-box or in open boxes

• A percentage of the items may be in-store display units or samples

• Short-dated or expired goods may be found in some lots

All The Necessary Materials For Home Improvement Are Available

If you are interested in selling home improvement supplies, then buying liquidated merchandise is one of the better ways to get into that business. You get a relatively inexpensive supply of a variety of high-quality goods, which you can then resell at a low price and still make a profit.

The home improvement craze doesn’t seem like it will be ending any time soon. That means there will always be a steady supply of people ready to partake in that craze. Buying home improvement liquidation merchandise ensures that you have a steady supply of products to sell to them.

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