Wholesale Windows and Doors

Our discount doors & windows liquidation comes from the largest retailers in the USA. These home improvement lots are are mainly customer returns. That means, they can come in varying conditions, from salvage to retail-ready. 

Door and Window Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators has been in business for 20+ years. We stand by our product by sourcing direct from retailers. Additionally, we work with business owners and help increase their revenue through consultation. This consultation includes reviewing expansion both in type of business and inventory carried. 

Discount Doors & Windows in Bulk

Our liquidation lots contain an assortment of customer return doors & windows. A good question is why are they mainly returns? Easy, because many times a customer buys merchandise for the home and decides if they like it only after installing it. That being said, when buying returns, the best savings comes with buying large volumes. Preferably, home improvement liquidation is only sold by full truckloads. This is normally a 53’ trailer and cannot be double stacked. Mix and match pallets and create a unique lot for you. There are many options to choose from:

Wholesale Exterior Doors

An exterior door is designated for an exit or entrance to a building. They are essential for security and safety. Types of exterior doors can include: storm doors, screen doors, cellar doors, patio doors, front doors, back doors, and security doors.

Wholesale Interior Doors

Interior doors come in many shapes and sizes. This is because the interior passageways are not as uniform as outdoor passages. There is more decoration to these doors since they are meant for inside. Types of interior doors can include: sliding barn doors, bifold doors, French doors, sliding doors, pre-hung doors, slab doors, hidden doors, saloon doors, and pocket doors.

Wholesale Window Liquidation

Window installation is mostly done to keep the outside elements away from the inside. They create comfort for the home as well as decorate the front. This has two implications for the homeowner. Firstly, a good decorative window increases the curb appeal of the property. Secondly, a secure window seals your house and reduces heating and cooling bills. A few examples of windows are: double hung window, single hung window, skylights, casement window, sliding window, picture window, bay window, and storm window. Since we only source from the best national retailers, our brands can include Andersen, MMI Door, Steves & Sons, Stanley Doors, Jeld-Wen, Masonite, American Craftsman, AWP Windows and Doors. 

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