Liquidation Flooring Pallets

Our clearance flooring merchandise comes from the largest home improvement retailer in the USA. This liquidation product comes in two main varieties:

Closeout Flooring

Closeouts are from a retailer discontinuing products or moving a store. Oftentimes, these sales result in large quantities of the same tile or piece. The good news is that it’s cheap. The bad news is if you don’t have enough for an installation project.

Overstock Returns Floors

Overstock returns come in varying conditions, from salvage to retail-ready. They are called returns because either through overstock or customer returns, they cam back to the warehouse. This overstock is not immediately resold in stores. Rather, this product is liquidated to liquidators like us. We then resell these as liquidation lots. Our liquidation lots contain an assortment styles and materials. 

Discount Flooring in Bulk

Since we only source from the best national retailers, our brands can include Daltile, Marazzi, TrafficMASTER, MSI, Merola Tile, LifeProof, Pergo, Bruce, Blue Ridge Hardwood Flooring, Shaw, Mohawk, Home Legend, and Heritage Mill. The best savings comes with buying large volumes. Since shipping can be expensive, we prefer to sell full truckloads to our customers. A full truckload is normally 53’ trailer and cannot be double stacked. Each lot varies and can contain:

Discount Floor Tiles

Floor tiles come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The main distinction with tiles are that they are manufactured and tend to not mimic natural materials. These tiles can include: ceramic tile, mosaic tile, subway tile, natural stone tile, and porcelain tile.

Closeout Laminate Flooring

Laminate is already the an economic option available in flooring. But, in addition to that, if they are bought through closeouts, then they get even cheaper. The main characteristic of laminate is that is usually contains some wood. Here are a few examples of laminate materials: ergo laminate, wood laminate, water resistant laminate, and tile & stone laminate.

Vinyl Flooring Liquidation

Different than laminate, vinyl is mostly synthetic. Because of this, vinyl is nearly indestructible and will last longer than most. That also means nearly zero upkeep. Here are some examples: sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, peel & stick vinyl, water resistant vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, and VCT tile.

Discount Hardwood Floor

Hardwood is popular throughout time. Because it’s all natural, they have charm and breathe natural life into a floorplan. But, that means they need to be grown. The very nature of hardwood leads to a premium expense. So, for that reason, buying through a hardwood liquidator makes financial sense. Hardwood floors include: engineered hardwood, cork floors, bamboo floors, and solid hardwoods like oak.

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