Shipping Liquidation Pallets

Pallet Shipping Cost

Before you get to the exciting part of reselling liquidation, you still need to ship your merchandise! After purchasing from a local pallet liquidator, the next step is shipping at a low cost.

Liquidation Warehouse Shipping

Depending on the volume, the liquidation warehouse might call your payload different names. Knowing what they’re referring to has benefits. Here’s a quick guide to help you communicate with your local liquidation warehouse.


Certain shipment that are LTL, usually ship by courier such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS. When it’s 1 or 2 liquidation pallets, ordering a full truck makes no sense. Instead, LTL takes advantage of lumping several customers together in order to find the best FedEx pallet shipping cost possible.


Amazon LTL costs more for home delivery and lift-gate use. Generally, LTL pallet deliveries to a residence will require a lift-gate to lower the pallets to the ground. This means the driver takes much longer to deliver than if it is a full truckload. If you have the option to receive your order at a friend’s place of business or pick-up from the local terminal it could it could save some money.


Typically LTL shipping cost has a flat fee of between $25-$75 for lift-gates. Carriers also charge extra for trucks with lift-gates, since they are is short supply. Shipments are sent with minimal insurance ($0.50 to $1.00 per pound). So, if you are shipping very expensive merchandise, ask for additional insurance.

Discount Truckloads Shipping

Discount truckloads shipping generally ships in 53′ trucks. Usually, discount truckloads are filled with liquidation merchandise pallets. They usually cost a flat rate to ship based on the destination and mileage, irrespective of whether the truck is full or half empty. 

This truckload cost can vary based on it’s with or without a lift-gate. Trucks with lift-gates can often be costly and it may be cheaper to rent a forklift for a day to assist you in unloading the truck. The latter is especially true when the merchandise is traveling long distances.


Typically, 26 pallets can fit comfortably onto the truckload floor. However, many types of pallets can be double-stacked to allow shipping between 26-52 pallets. Double-stacking allows more pallets per truckload, minimizing your overall landed cost per pallet. 


Shipping wholesale truckloads needs the appropriate space. Firstly, make sure you can receive a 53 footer in your area. Then, make sure you can unload the truck. If you have a forklift, it typically takes 2 – 4 hours to unload the truck. If you take longer than 4 hours, you will be charged detention fees. So, make sure you have the manpower available to help you unload in a timely manner.

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