Online Reselling Liquidation

How to Sell Liquidated Products on eCommerce

Most of the hard work is choosing a business model, filing your business paperwork, funding your business, installing the right software, and buying the inventory should be done by the time you set up your online business. Looking online and reading through the millions of articles on how to start an eCommerce store can be very difficult and confusing when it comes to liquidation merchandise. To be clear: selling online using liquidation items is not like any of the guides you’ll read online. To help you out, we asked a few of our more experienced and successful customers how they started and along with advice for beginners.

List of Online Reselling Sites

Selling online is a numbers game. Meaning, the more places you sell your product, the higher chance you have of selling your products. The 3 main marketplaces are Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. When it comes to liquidation merchandise, Amazon is the most popular, but is it the best place to make money?

Amazon Seller Central

The most popular online marketplace is Amazon Marketplace. Look up some of your inventory on the website and you can see the potential sales. Start selling by first making sure you have your business documents filed (you will need those) and then head over to and sign up to become a seller. After you finish the application, it may take some time to become an authorized Amazon Seller.

Walmart Marketplace

Although not as well known as Amazon, Walmart is the largest retailer in the USA. Walmart’s marketplace functions just like Amazon’s and is a powerful marketplace that gives you more opportunities to sell your merchandise. You will need your business paperwork filed in order to apply then go to for the seller application. Walmart takes a bit longer for approval, so patience is key!

Selling on eBay

eBay is the liquidator’s favorite online marketplace. It is very easy to use, and the selling community is very strong. If you have problems on eBay, it’s easy to google your questions and find answers from other eBay sellers. Also, the seller support provided by eBay is the best. For example, here is a step by step guide to becoming a seller on eBay with instructions provided by eBay:

Multichannel Selling

Now that your selling channels are set up, it’s time to list your products and make money! Trust us, save yourself the headache, and use SellerActive to manage your listings for you. Talk to your SellerActive representative and they will help you connect your marketplaces to your account – it only takes a few minutes. After that, start listing your products using SellerActive and their program will list those products on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart for you! Work smarter and save your time!

Online Reseller Tool

When it comes to reselling liquidation merchandise online, it’s important to analyze your sales with the best online reseller tool. Helium10 is a software company that has powerful business management tools that are used by businesses to evaluate their products before they buy them. One of their tools, X-Ray, allows you to scan barcodes and see the Amazon listings along with sales ranking and previous price trends.

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