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New businesses often start with Wholesale Pallets – but what is a pallet? A pallet (or skid) is a 48″ x 40″ that is either stacked 6′ tall or in a cardboard gaylord that is around 42″ tall. Our company is the largest pallet liquidator in the United States and we specialize in packaging merchandise appropriately for the type. Large items such as exercise machines or furniture are stacked on skids that are around 6 feet tall. Smaller items are placed in 42 inch tall Gaylords for safe shipping. At Merchandize Liquidators, we are known for our wholesale pallet sales. Wholesale pallets are the cornerstone of the liquidation industry.

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Buying pallets of merchandise is the easiest way to get started as a reseller – The cost is not too much and you can try all the categories one by one until you find the right product for your business. Liquidation merchandise pallets are the best way to get the best deals on top quality merchandise. You get a wide range of merchandise that is sourced from top retailers; so, you know that you are only getting high-quality, internationally renowned brands whenever you purchase a pallet of liquidated merchandise.

Pallets Sale

The best part of merchandise liquidation pallets is the sale price. It doesn’t matter how high the quality of the merchandise is, or how good the service is, if the price is too high. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Prices that guarantee that resellers are sure to make a profit even when they sell the merchandise at a price customer will find to be reasonable and appealing.

Liquidation Pallets FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about Liquidation Pallets Wholesale

The wholesale liquidation industry refers to a pallet as “Pallet of Goods.” For example: a pallet of shoes, a pallet of GM, a pallet of fishing rods. Most of our merchandise is sold by the pallet. Our pallets are standard 48” in depth and 40” in width. The height of each pallet can vary considerably from one category to another, but most are 4’ high in height. In addition, pallet weights can vary considerably from one category to another with most being 500 pounds and some weighing as much as 1,500 pounds!

Returns Pallets

Customers return items to retailers all the time for various reasons: maybe they changed their minds; perhaps the product had a slight defect or imperfection, or maybe it did not work as intended. Whatever the reason may be, many retailers will have volumes of stock that sit in storage that cannot be resold in their stores. That is because those products can no longer be classified as brand new and need to be labeled as second-hand goods.

Since most stores do not sell second-hand products, those products just sit in their warehouses. That is why retailers work with merchandise liquidators to sell off their customer returns at reduced prices.

Overstock Pallets

Retailers tend to order more merchandise than they need, a typical example of this practice is when they buy seasonal stock. They are usually left with excess stock once the season ends, and so they need to get rid of it before they can put out the stock for the next season. Retailers need to get rid of that excess post-season stock as quickly as possible, so they get sold to merchandise liquidators at discounted prices.

Closeouts Pallets

When a store closes, all of its inventory gets sold off to various bidders. That includes not just the merchandise on the shelves, but the shelves as well, plus any other part of the store that isn’t nailed down—and some parts that are. That inventory includes the store’s merchandise, which gets sold to liquidation retailers at a cost that is much lower than the original prices.

Pallets of Merchandise for Refurbishment

This is when a defective product gets repaired and refurbished so that it is fit to be resold. That means the product goes through thorough and extensive testing to make sure that it works as intended. In many cases, a refurbished item can still use the manufacturer’s warranty, so it is still eligible for any of the benefits provided by said warranty.

Quite simply, you will not find a better deal anywhere else and that goes for every person involved in the retail liquidation chain. First, you will be getting top quality goods at steep discounts. That is because we buy our merchandise from retailers at low prices for the reasons listed in the previous section.

So, we can sell our products to resellers at lower prices than are available directly from retailers. Those products are then sold to consumers at low prices. Even though prices remain lower than normal at every stage, everyone benefits; retailers can still make a profit, and customers get top quality goods at extremely low prices. Everybody wins.

Reselling liquidation pallets is a rewarding and fruitful business. Here are some ways to succeed in reselling liquidation merchandise:

Conduct Detailed Research First

Go to online retailers to find out what their top-selling items are. You should also take advantage of social media to see which hashtags and topics are trending the highest. That way you will know which products are on customer’s minds and therefore, which products have the best chance of selling.

Conversely, you want to avoid products that have a low chance of being sold. You do this by finding out which products seem to be nailed to the shelves of retailers and which no one seems to be talking about. If a product seems to be oversaturated to the point where you can find it clogging up storefronts, then you should avoid that product as well. It is unlikely you will have more luck selling it even at a discounted price.

Find Your Niche

You don’t have to be a jack-of-all-trades retailer; it is perfectly fine if you are just a master of one—or a few. Instead of being a one-stop-shop for everything, you can focus on a specialized area such as clothing, home goods, or something else. A specialized niche is a good idea if you do not have the space to store a lot of merchandise.

Furthermore, you can engender customer loyalty by offering special bundles or services with your merchandise. If you are selling clothes, then you can offer a discount if a customer buys a certain set of items. You will still make a profit, and now you also have a loyal customer who will help to give you some great word-of-mouth. Nothing can beat free advertising after all.

If you are good at—or know someone who is good at—fixing things, then you can offer those services in addition to the merchandise you are selling. There is a lot of profit to be made by having a narrow focus and not spreading yourself too thin.

Sell During the Right Seasons

If you bought goods that were sold because they were out of season, then you can resell them when they are in season again. You can always be sure that people will need swimsuits and flip flops when summer rolls around. Just as you can be sure that they will need coats and jackets when winter arrives.

You can also take advantage of the holidays as well. Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, and fireworks for the Fourth of July are just some of the different holiday merchandise that you can sell when those dates come around.

Connect with Your Customers

You want to be open and available to your customers, not just in person, but online as well. The internet gives you a lot of different ways to stay in contact with your clientele. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram allow you to keep your customers apprised of any deals or bonuses you are offering. It also lets you announce the arrival of any new merchandise you may have recently received.

Of course, this type of communication is a two-way street, so you should be mindful of any feedback your customers leave, both good and bad. Reading negative feedback may not be pleasant, but in some cases, it can help you to identify and fix a problem you may not have noticed.

When you do get positive reviews, make sure to take the time to thank the customer for leaving you some positive feedback. People are more loyal when they know that they are appreciated. So, take advantage of what the internet has to offer you by making your business more accessible.

Any item that has ever been sold in a department store, home improvement store, big-box retailer, superstore, or online emporium is available for purchase at a merchandise liquidator. That is why the pallets of merchandise liquidators will have any kind of stock that you can ever think of. Here are the products that you can get from us at heavily discounted prices:

Clothing Liquidation

For any age, any size, and any season. You will find a full range of both practical and fashionable clothes for men and women, and boys and girls.

Shoe Pallets

We have the latest styles from some of the world’s top brands. You will find shoes for comfort, sport, and style in our pallets.

Handbags Pallets

You will find bags in different sizes and styles from some of the most coveted brands in the world.

Cosmetics Pallets

Makeup products from the top brands, ranging from eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, and rouge can be found in our pallets.

Housewares Pallets

Everything from crockery to cutlery to kitchen appliances of every kind can be found in our warehouse.

Toys Pallets

Kids don’t get left behind when it comes to merchandise liquidation. We have a wide variety of stuffed animals, air guns, costumes, and more.

Home Improvement Products Pallets

We have doors, windows, flooring material, electrical equipment, HVAC supplies, home decor supplies, lawn and garden supplies, and more. You will find enough supplies to build a whole house here.

Bedding Pallets 

Sheets, blankets, pillows, bedspreads, bed sets, duvets. Everything you need to get a good night’s sleep can be found with us.

General Merchandise Pallets 

Miscellaneous merchandise like over the counter medication, tissue paper, coat hangers, and feminine products can be found in our pallets.

You can get a wide variety of high-quality name brand merchandise when you buy pallets of liquidated merchandise. Flipping pallets is one way to make a nice buck. And you can get it all at low, low prices; prices so low, in fact, that you can make a tidy profit even when selling them at a discounted rate. As long as you do your research, find your niche, and don’t overreach, you will find a lot of satisfaction when you decide to start selling liquidated merchandise.

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