Seasonal Wholesale Products

We buy wholesale seasonal products directly from quality US big box retailers. When these retailers clear their overstock seasonal items, we buy them in bulk. With seasonal, timing is everything. This is especially true for the seasonal liquidation.

Since many factors determine the price of our seasonal merchandise, the most important part is buying at the right time. It’s very important to trust the process of liquidation and commit to your plan, especially when buying seasonal items out of season.

Seasonal Liquidation

Seasonal liquidation is mainly two types: Christmas and Halloween. Normally, stores stock up on tons of seasonal products right before the appropriate holiday. Once that ends, they are usually stuck with a ton of merchandise. Instead of holding it all for another year, they usually do closeouts. Here is a quick summary of the two seasonal liquidations: 

Christmas Merchandise Wholesale

The best time to buy Christmas liquidation is immediately after the Christmas season. This means, in February and March is the best time to find wholesale Christmas seasonal products.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

 After October, the Halloween liquidation goes full steam into our seasonal warehouse. All types of costumes come in our pallets for every member of a family. In addition, a ton of wholesale Halloween decorations and out-of-season candy come in.

Seasonal Buying

We have many seasons in the USA so there are many opportunities for seasonal buying. Usually, after the summer months you can buy wholesale beach and pool products. After Fall, that is usually Halloween liquidation. That means winter is mostly for Christmas buying. That only leaves spring left. 

Spring is a strange season for liquidation since there is no major holiday or weather. That being the case, there are a mixtures of minor holidays – valentines day and Easter. The amount of candy, sheesh!

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