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Seasonal Liquidation

Seasons come and go… and we buy it all direct from Quality US Big Box Retailers. We stock Christmas and Halloween Clearance Liquidation and sell by the pallet and truckload.

Seasonal Liquidation

Featured Seasonal Goods

Look and click on the pictures below for the types of seasonal liquidation pallets available:

Christmas Tree lot

Buy Halloween and Christmas Clearance Pallets

When US Retail Stores clear their overstock seasonal items, we buy them right away. This gives our customers the best quality items at the lowest prices. When you buy a Seasonal Clearance Truckload you get amazing value at the fraction of the cost. Timing is everything in life and this is true for the liquidation industry as well!

Best Seasonal Clearance Sale

Great products at a great value. That is what Merchandize Liquidators does best. We care about giving our customers the best product at the lowest price so they can make maximum profit. That way, our customer is happy and grows their business. With our Seasonal Liquidation Truckloads, you will always make money if you sell at the right time.

What is Seasonal Clearance Liquidation?

What is Seasonal Clearance Liquidation?

Seasonal Clearance happens right after the holiday season ends. Stores (both online and brick and mortar) need to bring in new inventory to stay relevant to their customers. Where does this seasonal clearance go? Merchandize Liquidators buys, sorts, and stores these seasonal items for our customers.

Take advantage of our big clearance warehouse and maximize your investment by seizing this great opportunity today! Regardless of where you sell, whether online, flea market, discount store, or garage sale, when you buy seasonal items cheaply and sell during the next seasonal cycle, you can make money.

Types of Seasonal Clearance Merchandise We Sell

Types of Seasonal Clearance Merchandise We Sell

We have many seasons in the USA so there are opportunities to buy seasonal merchandise all year round. After the summer months we liquidate beach products, swimwear, pool floaties, and similar items. For the winter liquation, we buy mostly Christmas Trees, Décor, Gift Wrapping Supplies, and many more. We always buy opportunistically and store the product safely in our overstock warehouse in Miami, FL, USA so when the time is ripe, our customers can reap the rewards and sell at a high price when the correct season returns.

Christmas Clearance Pallets

The best time to buy Christmas Clearance Liquidation is immediately after the holidays. You will view our inventory in February and March and find the best Christmas products. Our commitment to you is value and experience and you will appreciate our professional sales staff as they guide you through the buying process.

Halloween Clearance Pallets

After October, the Halloween Clearance Liquidation rolls into our liquidation warehouse. All types of costumes come in our pallets for every member of a family. Kids Costumes, Women’s Costumes, and Men’s Costumes all come assorted in many different varieties in our Wholesale Halloween Pallets. Also, do you like candy? We might have a few pallets of that too!

How Expensive Seasonal Clearance Liquidation?

How Expensive Seasonal Clearance Liquidation?

Many factors determine the price of our seasonal merchandise. Yes, every season is different, and timing plays a large factor as well but as a rule of thumb, buy seasonal merchandise by the truckload and save money. It’s very important to trust the process of liquidation and commit to your plan, especially when buying seasonal items out of season. Perseverance is key! Work with our experienced sales team and they can help you plan your seasonal buying so you can make money year after year.

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