Wholesale Christmas Merchandise

Do you ever wonder where the seasonal Christmas decorations from retail stores go? Well, it goes to our seasonal overstock warehouse. We buy direct from US Big Box Retailers to help them get rid of previous seasonal items so they can face the new season with fresh stock.

Overstock Christmas

Whereas some retailers send overstock to land fills, we work hard to receive as much as possible. This is because reselling seasonal overstock is a great way to not only help the environment, but help our clients build better, more stable businesses. Have you visited our overstock warehouse yet? You will love walking through the pallet aisles and envisioning the business opportunity before you. 

Seasonal Overstock

Seasonal overstock happens around 4 times a year. Oftentimes, they appear months after the original season. For that reason, this type of overstock is best bought during this return period and warehoused for the remaining year. All of this cost makes sense when you see how much is sold during this timeframe. NRF estimates over $700 billion in retail sales during November and December. Since we liquidate off-season merchandise at unbelievably low prices, we help reduce the cost to you, our customer. 

Christmas Pallets

Our Christmas pallets include fake trees, wrapping paper and bows, home décor, tree ornaments and decorations, colorful lights, stockings, and much more. Mostly, these skids are bulky enough that they’re stacked and palletized. For the smaller items, we include them in our high count truckloads.

Seasonal Liquidation

The savings are the greatest when you buy Christmas clearance pallets in the months of January, February, and March. This time period is directly after the Christmas holiday and is when most retailers clear their shelves and reset for the new season. Many of the Christmas clearance items are from store shelves so they might have some wear and tear but for the low price, you’re buying at, who cares! There is plenty of great overstock Christmas items still in the pallet waiting for the next season to come. Buy and hold this inventory and sell high when the time is right!

Halloween in Bulk

Do you find extreme value in buying and selling seasonal clearance items? We also carry Halloween Liquidation Pallets. It’s a great way to diversify your investment and cover two holidays instead of one during the holiday quarter.

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