Online Reselling with Walmart & eBay

Online Reselling

Online reselling on Walmart marketplace is an amazing opportunity. According to Forbes, Walmart is projected to sell around $38 Billion online in 2020. In addition, last year eBay sold over $10.8 Billion in sales. Together, both Walmart and eBay are selling nearly $50 Billion Per Year. In order to succeed, you must list your products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Starting an Online Reselling Business

Imagine if you had 1,000 products and you needed to list them on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and your own website. This can be daunting when starting an ecommerce business because each marketplace also has its own listing requirements. The best way to uncomplicate your life and gather the requirements for listing online, is create one easy-to-use platform. If time is money, then using a bulk listing tool saves you money.

Amazon Reseller

If you’ve ever looked at Amazon prices, you’ll notice that the resellers are always changing prices. If the price is always changing, how do you know where the market is trending and how to compare pricing with other resellers? In order to automate online sales, you need a program to analyze competitor pricing, compare that pricing against your cost, and adjust your online pricing across all platforms.

How to be a Reseller

It would be nice if there was one program for ecommerce resales. Imagine a wonderful, beautiful program that handles shipping, selling, accounting, inventory management, and customer service. Unfortunately, you’ll need several different programs to start your reselling business. This program list is called a  tech stack. Here is what is included an automated tech stack:

Online Reselling Sites

When talking about online reselling sites, there are 3 main ones: Amazon, eBay, Walmart. A new emerging platform is Facebook and Shopify. But, time will tell who comes out ahead.

Repricing Programs

If you list on online reselling sites, then you a reliable repricing tool. SellerActive is both reliable and cheap.

Online Inventory

Along with a strong repricing program, you also need fool-proof inventory management for your online products. SkuVault checks off all of the right boxes for us. It’s scalable with your business so you can start small without paying too much out of pocket.

Online Shipping Program

Selling is half the battle because inventory management goes hand-in-hand with a great online shipping program. If you can’t ship products, then your online reselling business will suffer. ShipStation offers full integration with all marketplaces and programs.

Online Reselling Tools

The tools necessary for successful online reselling need to “talk” to one another. In other words, you need system integration. QuickBooks is ideal for integration because it’s so popular. 

Being a Reseller

The cheapest, easiest solution to start reselling online and being a reseller is using SellerActive. With a click of a button, this solution automates, optimizes, and expands your e-commerce business. Simply put, SellerActive takes all your selling channels, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and your Website, and manages them all from the same online platform.

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