Wholesale Sandals in Bulk

Perfect for those who sell in the Caribbean or summer vacation location, our wholesale flip flop and sandal pallets are mixed to give your store the perfect variety for the full family. Our wholesale shoe warehouse carries everything a shoe retailer needs. These flip flops and sandals come in overstock, store stock, and shelf-pull quality sometimes having the original retail tag but always matched and paired for reselling convenience. Since these pallets are seasonal, they’re not always in our warehouse inventory.

Bulk Flip Flops

Our wholesale flip flop pallets are perfect for summer. You will find all sorts of flip flops by different sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. Our sandals also come in all sorts of materials like 100% leather which come as thong sandals, wrap sandals, and many more. Flip flops are a type of casual sandal, usually made with cheaper and more inexpensive materials. These are perfect for beachwear and can get damaged without worry.

Best Wholesale Sandals in USA

Perfect for a brick and mortar store, flea markets, and eBay or other online platform, our flip flops and sandals come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. We do not sell Chinese Knockoffs but instead buy only liquidated products from the most reliable USA retailers which guarantees great quality.

Wholesale Sandals for Resale

Imagine if you lived on a warm beach like Miami! Ok, now come back down to earth and instead think of a business that can get you to that beach. Reselling wholesale sandals can get you there. Meaning, if you buy pallets of flip flops, then you can open a store on the beach and resell them for premium. A place like Miami has a bunch of visitors all wearing fashionable flip flops. That way you can have a thriving business on the beach. Now, you finally made it to the beach… kind of.


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