Wholesale Sporting Goods

Sporting goods, also known as sporting equipment, is a great resale item when purchased through a wholesale channel. The USA Sporting Goods Retail Market has revenue of about $52 Billion Dollars in 2021. The market is massive and there is a great opportunity to resell sporting goods at a discount. Actually, we sell these wholesale sporting goods and they come from those same Major Sporting Goods Stores. Most of the time we sell sporting goods pallets or specific closeouts like fishing tackle liquidations. 

Pallets of Fishing Equipment

Normally, in these sports pallets, you can find a wide array of sporting equipment including: hunting, golf, basketball, football, fitness, and fishing. Since those sports are most popular, wholesale sporting goods pallets reflect that. Therefore, in our sports equipment liquidation, you will find an assortment of hunting, fishing, camping equipment. 

Wholesale Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle is a loose term used for the equipment used by fishermen when fishing. That means almost anything, from sinkers, hooks, rods, and lines, can be considered fishing tackle. Our wholesale sporting goods pallets have many of these items mixed into them. 

Fishing Tackle Liquidation

Fishing tackle liquidation makes for great resale. What makes fishing tackle so easy to resell is the high value of the sporting equipment. Since fishing is such an expensive hobby, every part of the tackle has an expensive price tag. That means when you buy wholesale sporting goods equipment, you save a ton of cost and maximize resale profit.

Sports Liquidation

Like all our liquidation categories, our sporting goods products come from a variety of sources and may arrive to you in a wide range of qualities and conditions. Depending on the type of purchase you make, you can get very different conditions. It is important that you understand these unique aspects of each type of sale before purchasing so that you can maximize your business effectively.

Wholesale Sporting Goods FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about the wholesale sporting goods industry

Wholesale sporting goods equipment is available when a store sells some of their products in bulk at prices. These sales are called liquidation sales, and are sold near cost in order to either generate cash, free up inventory storage, or both. Taking advantage of these liquidation sales can be a great opportunity for you to maximize your profits while offering your customers a diverse selection of sporting goods at great prices. Regardless, whether you operate an online storefront or an onsite retail shop, wholesale sporting goods are an excellent source of revenue.

Sporting goods are very seasonal in nature. Mostly, the majority of sports equipment is overstock, but some is also customer returns. Here are the differences in conditions:

Amazon Returns 

Amazon is an amazing online store and returns are part of the deal. When someone buys sports equipment on Amazon, they can return the goods for a number a reasons. The top reasons are bad fit, color looked different, or wrong material. However, there are some customers who return after using the product, so be careful.

Retail Store Pulls

Retail store pulls liquidations are a great opportunity to get high-quality products in new or like new condition. These products are removed from the display or from back stock in order to make room for new merchandise. In many cases, a retailer will simply store these products until the next time that it is appropriate to display them.

However, there are many times when a retailer will decide that it is more cost-effective to liquidate all remaining inventory. This may be for a variety of reasons, but ultimately you can expect reasonably high quality with this type of merchandise. Some things to expect with these auctions are as follows:

  • – Seasonal goods that are off-season
  • – Discontinued sporting goods
  • – Items with retail price tags on them
  • – Items with security tags attached
  • – Some wear and tear on packaging
  • – Expired or soon-to-expire products
  • – Packages may be defaced to prevent returns to the original store
  • – Some goods do not have their original packaging

As with all liquidation auctions, there is no guarantee for consistency across all of the products in your lot. These types of liquidation auctions often include full manifests of the inventory, and you can expect higher quality in these products, as they were deemed suitable for sale in their current condition.

Overstock Sports Lots

Overstock sports lots takes place from bad purchasing or change in season. Generally, these products are in excellent condition and ready to be resold. Since these sports lots are out-of-season, you will have to wait to resell them. But, if you can wait for the season to come back around, you will capture great profits to match the demand.

Closeout Liquidators

Closeout liquidators help shut down a location or help a company with bankruptcy. In terms of  the inventory, it’s condition is brand new and varied. Unfortunately, this also means that it is expensive. At the end of the day, you will pay for great product but your margins will be less.

Repaired Fishing Tackle

Due to the high demand and resale value, fishing tackle is one of the few categories worth repairing for resale. Selling refurbished goods is a great way to give your customers access to in-demand products for competitively low prices, provided that they understand these prices are not for a brand new product.

As you can imagine by the different sources of our products listed above, there is a wide range of qualities and conditions that they are auctioned for. Each auction and sale price reflects a combination of condition, organization, and count of items included in the selection.

New or Like New

New or like new items are in the original packaging with little to no signs of use. In most cases, overstock, shelf stock, store pulls, and closeouts are comprised of new or like new materials. This means that they may have been on display, might have some wear on the edges of the packaging, or other aesthetic issues such as fading from sun exposure or denting from shipping and handling.

If you are looking for products that require minimal handling or quality checks upon purchase, these types of auctions may be your best bet.


When you purchase customer returns at a liquidation auction, it is safe to assume that all of the products you will be receiving are used. As noted in the “online returns” section above, this is not always the case, but the variety is unpredictable. If you understand this unpredictability, then purchasing returned items at a liquidation auction can be a great way to maximize your profit margins with a little bit of extra work.


Refurbished products are described in greater detail in the section above. When you purchase refurbished sporting goods at a liquidation auction, you should plan on having your good arrive without their original packaging, with evidence that they have been altered from their original condition.


Purchasing salvage-quality products at a liquidation auction is a great way to get a variety of goods at majorly discounted prices, but the products are essentially non-useable in their current condition and will require that you refurbish and restore them on your own. If this is something that you are interested in, it is a great opportunity to reduce the number of products going to landfills while additionally generating a profit for your business.

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