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Wholesale Sporting Goods Liquidation

We have Sporting goods truckload liquidations that consist primarily of sporting goods pallets from Major Sporting goods Department Stores. In these pallets, you can find a wide array of products. We buy from clearance sporting goods from Major US Sporting Goods Stores and pass the savings to you. Our sports pallets have a wide variety of sports equipment from every sport.

sporting goods LIQUIDATION

Types of Wholesale Sporting Equipment

What are the most popular sports? Hunting, golf, basketball, football, fitness, and fishing. Since those are the most popular, our liquidation pallets reflect that. In our sporting goods liquidation, you will find an assortment of hunting, fishing, camping equipment. Here are a few of the more popular categories:

Buy Discounted Sporting Goods Pallets

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shops, and Big5 Sporting Goods are a few of the largest retailers in the USA. Combined, the US Sporting Goods Market has 22,000 stores with revenue of about $45 Billion Dollars. The market is massive and there is a great opportunity to resell sporting goods at a discount.

sporting goods truckload Liquidations

Closeout Sporting Goods Pallets for Resale

We source from Major Sporting Goods Retailers in the USA. Buying our pallets minimizes your cost while giving you great value and variety.

Best Sporting Goods Liquidator

If you are looking for the best selection of sporting goods liquidation sales in Florida, look no further than our offerings at Merchandize Liquidators. Since 2003, we have been working directly with major retailers and sporting goods stores to give our customers the best options available for liquidation sales for a variety of industries and types of products. Our sporting goods offerings are an excellent way to diversify your business, get your customers the quality products that they need, and maximize your profits while doing so.

For the best deals, contact us today for an idea of all the sporting goods products that we are currently offering, and how you can best take advantage of these lots. We cater to a wide range of needs and sell our products in a variety of sizes from a tote to a truck full, and many sizes in between. No matter what the volume or number of products is that you are purchasing from us, we will treat you like the valued customer that you are. We are here to provide you with the best experience for the best prices with all our liquidated goods.

Read more below about our sporting goods liquidation products and auctions that we offer, and how we can provide you with such great deals. Like all our liquidation categories, our sporting goods products come from a variety of sources and may arrive to you in a wide range of qualities and conditions depending on the type of auction you win or purchase you make. It is important that you understand these unique aspects of each type of sale before purchasing so that you can maximize your business effectively.

What Is Sporting Goods Liquidation?

What Is Sporting Goods Liquidation?

Sporting goods liquidation sales happen when a store (either online or brick and mortar) decides, for a variety of reasons, to sell some of their products in bulk at prices that are almost near cost in order to either generate cash, free up inventory storage, or both. These sales are called liquidation sales.

In a liquidation sale, there are a variety of different conditions that the products may come in, and the amounts will vary on a case by case basis. In some cases, we will receive a truck-full of uncounted, possibly used or defective products that do not have a shipping manifest or clear inventory — in other cases, we will end up with neatly-packed, manifested pallets of brand new products that were liquidated because they were simply overstock.

Taking advantage of these liquidation sales can be a great opportunity for you to maximize your profits while offering your customers a diverse selection of sporting goods at great prices. Regardless of whether you operate an online storefront or an onsite retail shop, liquidation sales are an excellent source of revenue.

Where Do The Liquidated Sporting Goods Come From?

Where Do The Liquidated Sporting Goods Come From?

Many of our liquidation offerings come from national or international, major retailers who will liquidate inventory at a near-loss in order to free up space for new merchandise. This often happens when the company determines that it is no longer cost-effective to continue storing these products, or that continuing to sell them will take away valuable space for better-selling products. This does not mean that the products that are being liquidated are undesirable, but only that it does not fit into the company’s income model.

In other cases, we get our liquidated products from companies that are going out of business and must sell the remainder of their inventory in order to satisfy their creditors and pay down existing debts. In these cases, products are sold in bulk at any price that will guarantee a sale, so that at least some debts are paid while the company goes through bankruptcy.

As you can imagine, this means that there are a variety of ways that we end up with our products, and there are a wide range of conditions that they may be resold in. Take a look below to learn more about some of the specific types of liquidated products we offer.

Customer Returns

Customer returns are fairly common in liquidated product auctions. There are two sources of these returns, and both have varying qualities of the products that are associated with them. In either case, if you are unwilling or unprepared to receive shipments of anywhere from 10% to over 50% of the products being defective or damaged, then this is not a good option for you.

However, if you would like to take advantage of extremely low prices for in-demand products that require some extra work on your part in order to get them ready for sale, you may want to consider exploring our customer returns for some great opportunities.

In-Store Returns

In-store returns tend to have a higher rate of defective products (although this is not guaranteed) because of the nature of the original transactions. With in-store purchases, it is likely that the original buyer sampled the product in store, bought it, and used it for a period of time before determining that there was something about the product that did not suit their needs.

Depending on the original retailer and their return policy, the products may be extremely used, or might only have damaged packaging and little to no signs of wear. This uncertainty is reflected in the prices that these products often sell for in our liquidation auctions.

Online Returns

Online returns generally have a better rate of intact and saleable products, because of the nature of online shopping. Many online storefronts have generous return policies, such as Amazon, which is intended to attract customers, but has an additional benefit — without being able to personally test or experience the products in a store, online shoppers are more likely to purchase a few varieties of a similar product and return all of the products that do not suit their needs. In this way, online returns tend to have better quality and conditions than in-store returns.

In addition, there are many companies that partner with a third-party logistics and distribution company in order to handle all of their web sales. These third-party distributors also handle all of the web returns, and depending on the agreement that they have with the main company, may choose to liquidate their returns.

Shelf Stock and Store Pulls

Shelf stock and store pull liquidations are a great opportunity to get high-quality products in new or like new condition. These products are removed from the display or from backstock in order to make room for new merchandise. In many cases, a retailer will simply store these products until the next time that it is appropriate to display them.

However, there are many times when a retailer will decide that it is more cost-effective to liquidate all remaining inventory. This may be for a variety of reasons, but ultimately you can expect reasonably high quality with this type of merchandise. Some things to expect with these auctions are as follows:

  • – Seasonal goods that are off-season
  • – Discontinued sporting goods
  • – Items with retail price tags on them
  • – Items with security tags attached
  • – Some wear and tear on packaging
  • – Expired or soon-to-expire products
  • – Packages may be defaced to prevent returns to the original store
  • – Some goods do not have their original packaging

As with all liquidation auctions, there is no guarantee for consistency across all of the products in your lot. These types of liquidation auctions often include full manifests of the inventory, and you can expect higher quality in these products, as they were deemed suitable for sale in their current condition.


Overstock liquidation takes place when a company determines that they have too many of a particular product, and decides that it is more cost-effective to sell them at a low price than to continue to take up valuable storage space or put more money into marketing. Overstock liquidation can come from manufacturing facilities, third-party logistics companies, or the retailer themselves. Regardless, these products are generally in excellent condition and ready to be resold with little to no requirement for repair.

Note that the auction prices will reflect the higher quality and organization that you can expect in an overstock liquidation.


Closeout liquidations happen when either a company is going out of business, has decided to close a retail location, or discontinues a product line. These auctions offer a wide variety of items in a single lot, and are a great opportunity to offer your customers a lot of variety and expand your reach with additional merchandise selections.

Reconditioned or Repaired Merchandise

Some of our auctions may consist of either reconditioned or refurbished merchandise, which means that it has been restored to an acceptable quality, but can not be sold or marketed as “new.” These types of products may not come with their original packaging and may have evidence of repairs such as mismatched colors, broken seals, or other indications.

Selling refurbished goods is a great way to give your customers access to in-demand products for competitively low prices, provided that they understand these prices are not for a brand new product.

Quality and Conditions of Liquidated Sporting Goods

Quality and Conditions of Liquidated Sporting Goods

As you can imagine by the different sources of our products listed above, there is a wide range of qualities and conditions that they are auctioned for. Each auction and sale price reflects a combination of condition, organization, and count of items included in the selection.

New or Like New

New or like new items are in the original packaging with little to no signs of use. In most cases, overstock, shelf stock, store pulls, and closeouts are comprised of new or like new materials. This means that they may have been on display, might have some wear on the edges of the packaging, or other aesthetic issues such as fading from sun exposure or denting from shipping and handling.

If you are looking for products that require minimal handling or quality checks upon purchase, these types of auctions may be your best bet.


When you purchase customer returns at a liquidation auction, it is safe to assume that all of the products you will be receiving are used. As noted in the “online returns” section above, this is not always the case, but the variety is unpredictable. If you understand this unpredictability, then purchasing returned items at a liquidation auction can be a great way to maximize your profit margins with a little bit of extra work.


Refurbished products are described in greater detail in the section above. When you purchase refurbished sporting goods at a liquidation auction, you should plan on having your good arrive without their original packaging, with evidence that they have been altered from their original condition.


Purchasing salvage-quality products at a liquidation auction is a great way to get a variety of goods at majorly discounted prices, but the products are essentially non-useable in their current condition and will require that you refurbish and restore them on your own. If this is something that you are interested in, it is a great opportunity to reduce the number of products going to landfills while additionally generating a profit for your business.

In order to begin bidding at the Merchandize Liquidators auctions or purchasing direct lots of any size, contact us now to determine the most appropriate method for payment and delivery. We do not accept online payments, credit cards, or PayPal. If you win an auction on our online platform, you will receive instructions on how to make your payment shortly after.

To learn more about payment options, requirements for participating in our auctions, and more about our overall business, learn about each of these on our page titled “How It Works”. At the bottom of the page, you will find detailed information about how to place orders and how to make payments. We provide you with a variety of options depending on your history of business with us, your location, and more.

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