Wholesale Toys Pallets

We sell name brand wholesale toys pallets and truckloads. Our best toys pallets have Lego, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, Hasbro, Barbie and much more. In addition, we supply all year round to keep your business moving. Since 2003, we provide clients with excellent variety and service. Whether you are looking for a toys pallet or toys truckload, we organize to suit your needs and expectations exactly.

Bulk Toys Cheap

The best time to buy bulk toys cheap is in the “Off-Season.” This period is 4 to 6 months before the Christmas season. The reason why toys are cheap during this period, is because demand has not picked up yet. Meaning, toys come into high demand during Christmas. With proper planning, you can create a very successful business model selling and marketing liquidation toys with a great margin. 

Buy Lots of Toys

When you buy lots of toys, they come in a variety of conditions. Keep in mind that given the variety of sources and conditions of the liquidated toys, there are a lot of different factors that go into the pricing. Toys that are more used and banged up are cheaper but might not work. Toys that are in high demand and in perfect condition command higher prices because of economic theory. Below, we discuss a variety of buying factors that help you understand if liquidation purchases are the right decision for your business. 

Wholesale Toys FAQ

Commonly asked questions about Wholesale Toys Liquidation

Wholesale toys happen when a retailer ends up with too many of a product line or toy returns.  Oftentimes, it make the most sense for them to liquidate these toys by selling them as bulk toys. Depending toy returns reason, there are a variety of conditions and qualities. It is important that you understand the qualities and conditions of liquidation toys. That way, you are not surprised or caught off-guard.

Bulk toys come from many different retailers so their conditions vary. Below is a list of some different conditions that bulk toys come in:

Toy Returns

Toy returns in many cases are returned items that are no longer suitable for retail. In these cases, some retailers opt to liquidate toys at low prices. These low prices reflect the wide variety of conditions present. Usually, there are less than 10% defective rates. In very rare cases, they exceed a 50% defective rate. This wide range of variability is reflected in the price for these lots. But, if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and deal with this, then you will succeed.

Shelf Pull Toys

Brick and mortar retailers rely on visual merchandising to sell their products.  Meaning, they constantly rotate through items to maximize their inventory turn. Some of these toys underperform, are replaced by a new model, change season, or get damaged. In these cases, the toys are “shelf pulled.” These shelf pull toys are still in the packaging but might suffer from minor wear and tear. This could include possible fading on the package from the sun, folds and creases on boxes, or the occasional out-of-box product.

For the most part, shelf pull toys are an opportunity to get high-quality products in great resale condition. Some common properties of shelf pull toys include:

  • Seasonal goods that are off-season
  • Discontinued toys
  • Toys with retail price tags on them
  • Toys with security tags attached
  • Some wear and tear on packaging
  • Defaced packages to prevent returns to the original store
  • Out-of-box or missing original packaging

New Toy Pallets

Overstock toy auctions are a great way to get new toy pallets. Overstock auctions are generally manifested and come with accurate information of the toy lots. The condition is generally new and  requires little to no restoration. Keep in mind new toy pallets are more expensive than toy returns.

Closeout Toys

When a store that goes out of business or moves, they must liquidate all of their inventory to repay creditors or make cash. Closeout Toys can include things like store displays and marketing collateral. In addition, the closeouts toys offer a wide range of products at new or like new condition. If demand a wide selection for your customers, then closeout toys are for you.

Salvage Toys

In some cases, toy returns or overstock is too damaged for resale. These toys are called salvage toys. Mostly likely, a retailer looked at the salvage toys and saw a large mess. The retailer decides that it is most cost-effective either dump the toys or sell to a liquidation marketplace.

Salvage toys are great for toy refurb operations. Refurb ops are growing at a tremendous rate. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are profitable. A reconditioned toy will have a higher resale value than a used, unrepaired toy. In many cases, refurbished toys are out-of-box and show signs of use. However, reconditioned toys are quality checked for resale. So, they are great opportunity to resell popular toys at a discounted price.

Online Toy Lots

Online toy lots returns are unpredictable in quality and barcode depth. Ecommerce stores like Amazon have relaxed return policies to attract customers. These customers also use the “home try-on” since these products are bought sight unseen. Commonly, online shoppers buy multiple options of the same product. Then, they return all but the one product that they choose. This means that, online toy lots returns are generally in better condition than in-store returns. This is not a guarantee of excellent condition, but you may have better odds of a lower defective rate in these lots.

Even if you buy overstock toys, there is a wide range of quality from wholesale toys. Depending on the type of auction, the source, and seasonal timing, the conditions vary greatly. Here is a summary of the conditions of wholesale toys:

Overstock Toys

Overstock toys come from shelf pulls, closeouts and overstock auctions. Usually, they are either new or like new. If you are looking for top quality toy liquidation, these will likely be your best bet.

Damaged Boxes Toys

Damaged boxes toys come from toys returns. Many, if not all, damaged box toys have been used. Sometimes the use is as light as opening the box, taking it out, and putting it back. Other times, a child has played with it until it breaks. If you are interested in refurbishing toys then this is a good option for the price.

Refurbished Toys

Refurbished toys are checked for functionality before being sold. But, there is no guarantee that these toys will be new, in absolute top quality. In addition, you can expect that refurbished toys will not come in their original packaging or include all of the original accessories. Reselling refurbished toys is a great way to offer high-demand products at discount prices.

Broken Toy Lots

Broken toy lots are a collection of toys in non-saleable condition. This gives an opportunity to fully refurbish and maximize profits in exchange for extra work. If your business involves repairing and rebuilding toys and games before reselling them, then broken toy lots are perfect.

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