Lego Wholesale

Our lego toy pallet liquidations are in stock year-round and are palletized and stored locally in our overstock warehouse. The discount lego toy pallets are sourced from major USA retail stores and online marketplaces. Our lego pallets contain the best name brands that every kid wants to play with. These famous brands include Duo, Sta, Playmobil, Mattel, Play-Doh, Barbie, Playskool, Fisher-Price, Bandai Namco, My Little Pony, MEGA Bloks, Hasbro, Funko, and K’Nex. Legos come in a large variety, especially in our wholesale toy pallets.

Resell Lego Returns

As long as there are kids in this world, expect there to be toy sales. 2019 estimations place the U.S. toy industry at about $28 Billion dollars. Don’t let a great business opportunity slip by. Selling toys is not that hard. Here are some steps to successfully run a reselling operation:

Open Reselling Business

Seems like a no-brainer but this step is missed by quite a few people. Creating a business helps establish you as a trusted retailer to your customers. Additionally, creating a business enables you to save money on taxes and expense items like office supplies, travel, and business meetings.

Find Cheap Legos in Bulk

This goes without saying but the less you spend, the more profit you can make. Buying from Merchandize Liquidators creates maximum profit because we carry name brand toys as less than wholesale prices. Sometimes, we get better prices than the largest retailers in the world!

Set Up Your Retail Channel

Here are a few options for a retail channel to resell your bulk toys: Discount Store, Online Store, Flea Market, Event Sales, and Wholesale. Our customers may use one or all the above to resell their goods.

Bulk Pallet Savings

Probably the most difficult part of running your own business is being disciplined in saving and spending your profits. Our advice: Be careful! Maybe you don’t need that new Rolex or extra Mercedes. If you crunch the numbers, will you still be safe if you have a slowdown in sales?

Cheap Bulk Legos

We buy truckloads of Legos through direct liquidation contracts with top US retailers known and trusted worldwide. Our 85,000 square foot overstock warehouse can supply your business with more than enough inventory for your operation. We have confidence in our supplier network which gives us trust that you will find extreme value in the products we sell to you.

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