What is Truckload Liquidation

The best way to run a liquidation business is to buy truckload liquidation. That’s because, the best way to make a profit is to buy products in bulk. One of the best ways to buy products in bulk is to buy them in wholesale truckloads. Buying products in large quantities saves you time and money. Therefore, buying truckload liquidation makes you more profit more quickly.

Definition: Truckload Liquidation (noun)

For domestic customers a truckload refers to a full 53′ trailer (or Dry Van). For international customers a truckload refers to a 40′ container meant for ocean freight.


Wholesale Truckloads

Wholesale truckloads are the most affordable way to buy liquidation merchandise. This means, you will get the best savings both in terms of freight and volume discounts because you can customize a liquidation truckload with varying categories such as GM, Clothing, Bedding, and Shoes. That is because you can buy truckload liquidation at a low price, resell it at a great price, and make a nice profit in the process.

Discount Truckloads

These discount truckloads come from some of the top retailers in the country so they are guaranteed to be of high quality and in good condition. If you need a huge stock of inventory for your wholesale liquidation business, then buy one of our truckloads of merchandise. We purchase direct from major U.S. retailers and sell more than 10,000 items weekly. Our huge assortment of surplus, customer returns, overstock and liquidation inventory are the cleanest discount truckloads on the market.

Truckload Liquidation FAQ

Below are a few of the general questions about Truckload Liquidation

Increased Profit Margin

Bulk buying means that you get a large amount of goods at a discounted rate. So when you resell it at a higher price, that price will still be lower than the competition. Buying a truckload of liquidation merchandise means that you get several pallets of goods all at once. You end up with satisfied customers who are glad that they pay lower than retail prices for a wide range of top-quality goods. Those customers spread the word and eventually, your stock of goods disappears almost as soon as it comes in.

High-Quality Merchandise

The merchandise you will be buying is sourced from the top retailers and department stores in the country. They all have a reputation for quality that they uphold and which is reflected in the merchandise that they have to offer. We make sure that this merchandise is in the best possible condition when we ship it to you.

Low Shipping Costs

When you buy truckloads of liquidation merchandise, all of it is sent to you at once. So, instead of buying different pallets and having to pay for them all separately, you can get all of them in a single truckload that only requires a single payment.

Quickly Replenished Stock

Even a truckload of merchandise will eventually run out, especially if you sell it at prices that are lower than retail or the MSRP. When you need to replenish your stock, we will be ready with another truckload to keep your inventory full and your customers happy.

Our truckloads come from superstores like Walmart as well as from department stores. When they need to unload merchandise for various reasons, they sell it to merchandise liquidators at a reduced price. Some of the reasons why a store would need to get rid of some of their stock are:

Out of Season

 Most stores have goods that are sold on a seasonal basis, like winter coats, sundresses, swimsuits, and so on. They sell their unsold out of season merchandise at discounted rates in order to make room for the current seasonal stock.

Customer Returns

Sometimes customers return goods for various reasons. Whatever those reasons may be, it means that the retailer now has an excess stock that cannot be resold in their store because it is no longer brand new. In order to free up more storage space for their brand new inventory, they sell the returned items at a low price to liquidation retailers.

Store Closures

A store branch may get shut down and in so doing, it needs to liquidate its stock as quickly as possible. So, they sell their store inventory—and sometimes parts of the store itself—at low rates. This inventory gets snapped up by-merchandise liquidators who give it a new life on the second-hand market.

Overstocked Goods

Some items don’t sell as well as expected and end up taking up valuable inventory space in a retailer’s warehouse. Those excess goods get sold by pallets or truckloads to merchandise liquidators at low prices.

In case you are wondering about the overall quality of any products attained via liquidation, there is no need to worry. Merchandise obtained through liquidation is carefully and thoroughly examined and vetted to make sure that it is in excellent condition. Many of these products are actually new, while the rest are as good as new. In fact, many big retailers like Target or Walmart have their own liquidation departments that sell directly to merchandise liquidators.

Normally, if you wanted to buy in bulk, then you would have to source your goods from a retail wholesaler. That is because they would buy truckloads of products directly from the manufacturer and then sell those products directly to consumers or to smaller retailers. In order to enter into this kind of business, you would need to form a close relationship with several different wholesalers. That gives you the advantage of being able to choose the best deals, plus you can choose from a different wholesaler if one runs out of products.

There are several advantages to buying wholesale, such as being able to get better deals and better delivery choices. However, there are disadvantages as well, the main one being that you will find it hard to make much of a profit. That is because wholesalers sell their products at prices similar to the MSRP since they resell those items at a markup in order to make a profit for themselves. Since you are buying this merchandise at prices similar to the retail value, you will have to get a big discount from the wholesaler and sell a lot of product in order to make a profit or to just break even.

Another option is to buy directly from the retailer or manufacturer yourself. This is not the best option for most small or medium-sized businesses because manufacturers generally require buyers to make a large order. That order may be out of the price range for any business with a smaller budget and limited storage space.

The Merchandise Liquidation Difference

The next choice is buying the merchandise directly from national retailers. This is not a feasible option because you will be paying retail prices and so you will not be making much of a profit when selling those products yourself. That is where merchandise liquidators come in. We buy liquidated products at deeply discounted prices and then sell them to liquidation resellers at low prices. That allows those resellers to buy truckloads of liquidation merchandise to sell to their customers at low prices.

The national retailers used to sell directly to wholesalers in order to free up space in their warehouses for brand new stock. These days retailers will sell their surplus stock directly to merchandise liquidators, thus skipping the wholesalers and allowing everyone on the liquidation chain to end up satisfied. Merchandise liquidators and liquidation wholesalers make a profit and the customers get a huge bargain.

If you are buying truckloads of liquidated merchandise, then you likely have the space to store it all, and you likely have the business acumen to sell it all as well. Even so, you could probably use a few tips and pointers to get started.

1. Research Your Customer Base – The cornerstone of the business is supply and demand, so you need to find out what your customer base is demanding before you start selling. In fact, you should conduct this research before you start buying. After all, it doesn’t make sense to buy a truckload of liquidated merchandise that your customers don’t want.

2. Decide How You Want To Sell – Finding a place to store your truckload is one thing, finding a place to sell it is another. Fortunately, you have a few options: Selling online is a good choice since you don’t have to worry about renting a store. There are a lot of different websites you can use that have the infrastructure that can handle financial transactions; You can rent a store, which can be expensive, but you will get a more personal interaction with your customers; You could even rent a stall at a flea market. There are many different ways to sell your liquidated products.

3. Use Your Personal Skills – If you are good at repairs, or good at setting up electronic equipment, or have any other practical skills, then offer those services in addition to the goods that you are selling. They can give you a leg up over any potential competition and foster trust and loyalty in your customer base.

4. Create a Strong Social Media Presence – Social media allows you to forge a closer collection with your customers. You can use it to update them on any new stock that comes in as well as any sales or special deals you may be offering. You can also use it as a place to get feedback from your customers on how you are doing; positive feedback lets you know what you are doing right, while negative feedback shows you what you need to change and improve. Both of them help to make the experience better for your customers, which is great for them and for you.

As you can see there are no real downsides to buying liquidation merchandise by the truckload, in fact, there are quite a few advantages, so let’s recap what they are:

  1. Buying high quality, retail-ready goods at discounted prices means that you can pass those discounts on to your customers. They will be happy to get those items at lower than retail prices, ensuring that they become loyal customers. They will let other people know about their positive experience, which enhances your brand and helps to grow your business.
  2. You have a much greater chance of making a profit since the cost of investment is so low.
  3. You have a wide variety of goods to choose from.
  4. You have stock that can be quickly replenished once you run out.

If you want to make money while offering a large variety of goods at great deals, then purchasing liquidation merchandise by the truckload is the best way to go.

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